The market capitalization of cryptocurrency now amounts to almost 290 billion dollars. This is an impressive amount, and it should be understood that several years ago even optimists did not expect to receive such a capitalization.

However, it should be clearly understood - the cryptocurrency is not accessible to all people. I will ask a simple question: who can now accept payments for cryptocurrency and how much can you buy? In America, it is developed and it has all the chances, however, there are many problems in the whole world.

For example, why is a cryptocurrency needed, if artists cannot sell their paintings for it, confectioners will not receive money in cryptocurrency for their cakes and many others?
The meaning of cryptocurrency is lost, and now it uses a narrow circle of people. It is for this reason that in this article I will talk about one interesting project Bravo, which is one of the most interesting in its segment.

What problems does the project solve?
Initially, I will highlight a few basic problems that the project is able to solve immediately after its appearance:

  • Long transactions. In fact, now to pay for goods or services in cryptocurrency will have to spend quite a lot of time.
  • High transaction costs.
  • An ordinary user simply can not find a real use of cryptocurrency.
  • There are difficulties with the fact that the majority do not believe in the existence of the blockchain at all.
  • As you understand, all these problems seriously hamper development. But, there is one more important problem - a large number of investors, and not real users. However, will investors be able to improve the blockchain and make it advanced?

Of course not, only real users can do this. Therefore, the Bravo project aims to make cryptocurrency available to everyone.

After all, almost everyone will be able, thanks to this project, to sell or buy certain goods or services for cryptocurrency.

What is Bravo https://bvo.trybravo.com?
So, Bravo is an innovative payment platform that is built using Blocking technology. Its main feature is that it is going to make cryptocurrency more accessible to each user, which will certainly lead to the development of the entire segment, and not just individuals.

In addition, the platform creates many applications and additional functions that will significantly simplify the process of buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrency for: goods or services, real money and much more.

Little about the application
Already, the Bravo project boasts a ready-made application that you can download right now and check on your mobile device.

I will note that the web version is also available, but Bravo more expects that people will use the mobile application.
With it you can:

  • Receive payments;
  • Send funds.
  • Monitor bills.
  • Make transactions.
  • Pay for goods or services.
  • Exchange cryptocurrency for real money and much more.

And it should be understood that all this can be done directly from a mobile phone.

Technical characteristics of the project https://bvo.trybravo.com
Hard cap amounts to $ 34,700,000.
The soft cap is quite impressive and it amounts to - $ 10,000,000.
Start of sales - October 1, 2018
End of pre-sales - October 31, 2018
The end of sales - November 31
Symbol - BVO
Token Standard - ERC20

Bravo is a unique platform of its kind, which opens up excellent opportunities for all participants, improving blockchain technology in general. The project also boasts a fairly experienced team that is able to implement the most complex ideas in the shortest possible time.

Website: http://bvo.trybravo.com
Whitepaper: https://bvo.trybravo.com/BRAVO_ONE_PAGER.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bravotipping
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bravotiporpay
Telegram: https://t.me/BravoICO 

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