Hello dear friends, subscribers and guests of my Golos blog. It`s a second part article about platform Capverto, this is link to official website - https://capverto.com/landing
Have you heard about the project aim of integrating the unbanked and the under banked, into the banking world of cryptocurrency, pulling alongside, the assimilation of Fiats into cryptocurrency?

These were to be achieved through the many Capverto platform features, which includes:

  • Prepaid cards,
  • Peer2Peer Lending,
  • Copy trading,
  • Cryptocurrency insurance,
  • Capverto exchange, etc.

These features, has been seen as exciting and promising. I have the same perception, but of the opinion that enough credence hasn’t been given to the utility token, which is at the center of all the functionality of the platform. Am referring to the primary token for the platform, called - CAP.

CAP is the utility token, providing the needed medium for the functioning of the Capverto exchange and the accompanying features. As a cryptocurrency, it mediates the transactional exchange between the Capverto exchange, the platform users and the outside world. In carrying out this role; it uses cryptography to ensure a decentralized control, verification and security of such transactions. Some functions that can be attributed to CAP include:

  • Payments; where it serves as payment, or a means to the payment of goods and services.
  • Transfers,
  • Trading and investments
  • Mining
  • Administrations etc.

To convey the finesse value and appreciable technicalities associated with CAP on the Capverto platform, let’s have an overview of the platform and the associated features; within which we’ll make known the brain behind these values in a brief business model for each feature.

These are electronic and fund reloadable cards, just like the normal credit and debit cards, normally issued to account holders. To enable withdrawal, the linking account to the card is meant to be topped up with fund. Such withdrawals can be in the form of cash or e-payments at the ATM terminals and the POS terminals, respectively. Other payments and transfer based settlements can be done online.

This idea of cash based and online forms of settlement brings us closer to the two forms of the prepaid cards, issued by the Capverto brand. These includes; the physical and virtual forms of prepaid cards. The physical cards can be felt physically; enabling it’s usage at the ATM’s and POS terminals, while the Virtual cards are basically digital and online based. This limits it to online payments and transfers; working complementarily with the physical card and the exchanges, to deliver other physically based transactions. Outside the listed basic functions, the virtual cards do provides cover for the physical cards when lost.
These physically oriented cards do come in 4 different colors, as illustrated below.

Each of the prepaid card color comes at a different pricing. The blue color comes at $100; while that of gold, comes at $1,500 as illustrated on the respective cards. These payment values are loaded into the cards; and locked up for six months duration, before usage.

When these cards are transacted with; 2% of the transactional fiat value will be charged and converted back to CAP, as cash-backs to the card holders. This is good business as it boosts the CAP volume, Capitalization and market value. More importantly, it guarantees the token stability. While many may ask why the 2.0%; suffice such a person to know that we all use VISA and MASTER CARDS daily, at 2.75%; and can only be grateful for a lower charge, which still got reinvested back to the community.
With this, we can say that the prepaid card and its user activity, do contribute in a positively oriented influence on CAP holding and the overall value.

People who are new to cryptocurrency, can dive into crypto trading and still make profits. This is against the popular view of people, who see such move as disastrous, and can render one, bankrupt in seconds. This feat was has been overhauled by the Capverto Copy Trading feature, where newbies can copy the trade moves of a professional traders and investing in it.

10% of the profits made from such moves are partly shared apiece between the original trader and the Capverto exchange in CAP. 2.5% of the value gets reinvested as trader buy-back for the CAP tokens. This move, alongside those made from the prepaid card, will no doubt see the CAP valuation soaring higher. https://capverto.com/landing

Better than borrowing from your bank, this crypto backed borrowing between users of the Capverto platform has been deduced to help people with some cryptocurrency value; borrow with ease. The crypto balance the intended debtor may be having might be expected to moon within a short period. The owners may not want this opportunity to elude them hence; borrowing to meet up other obligations like trading, etc. The borrower is not allowed access to more than 40% of his assets, and the borrowed asset is programmed automatically to be sold off once the value gets to the 40% of the original value.

The maximum single term for this facility is expected to be 6months, with an accompanying 8% interest rate per annum; payable to the lender. 2% of the borrowed fund will accrue as fees to the platform in CAP: adding to the token’s soaring value.

Added to the above features which relies on the CAP token to function, while adding appreciable values to the token in return; Capverto insurance has come to ensure that CAP doesn’t suffer the same fate that happened to other cryptocurrencies that came under cyber-attacks. They backed this up with measures that will ensure that the platform users are unique to the owners, through the observance of a utility bill backed KYC, Third party user identification, Anti money laundering and anti-terror monitoring protocols. These, coupled with the normal username / password entry protocol, alongside the two factor authentication; will go a long way, in ensuring that the CAP values remain immune to the subject of cyber-attacks and identity thefts.

So much technicalities, and modeling for a token. Since the above features are financially and functionally related to CAP; it becomes obvious that CAP is a very important element in the Capverto brand. With the added excerpts seen in the respective business models here; the CAP token is on a mission to becoming the next Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other known coin that you may have missed out on their sudden price explosion.
This is another opportunity to all crypto enthusiasts; let’s make the needed hay, while the sun shines.


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