Hello dear friends and guests of my Golos blog, today i wanna tell you about new and very interesting project - Capverto. This is official website - https://capverto.com/

The crypto world is about to witness another financial breakthrough, through the banking concept being spearheaded by the Capverto project. It's very easy to wave aside the Capverto’s banking tag; but with the plenteous innovative ideas, vibrant team and the objective roadmap that comes with it, the viable banking hope of all crypto enthusiasts; banked and unbanked, has really come to stay.

The banks that we know today were all at the helm of a centralized administration; securing people's valuables and finances, issuing credits at an interest, stimulating transfers between parties, delivering payroll functions; among other things.

Despite how beneficial these services were meant to be; over 2 billion people globally, are yet to embrace banking. They attributed this stance to high and hidden cost of doing business, unreliable platforms, administrative inconsistencies, tedious documentation protocols, and multiple barriers to credits, etc. The issues raised, looks credible and in need of viable solutions or alternatives. Of these challenges, the Capverto project is of the conviction that they have the needed banking solution, on their palms.

To better optimize these claims, we’ll take a look at what banking is; the key details that made it unique, and how close Capverto has come to equaling or bettering it.

Banking can be seen as an art of accepting money, safeguarding them (other valuables inclusive), and loaning them out at an interest. These basic functions have improved overtime, to include mobile banking, e-business solutions, e.g. credit cards, debit cards, ATM and POS machines, etc. In all of these; three things remains vital and central to the term; banking. They include;

  • THE MONEY; which acts as the medium of exchange
  • THE BANK ACCOUNTS; which uniquely identifies customer’s financial status with the bank;
  • To establish how well Capverto fares in respect to banking, we’re matching the capabilities, alongside; banking features.

Bank accounts
While the Fiat money and the bank accounts appears so important to banking; the identities of the accounts are always well verified, to avoid losses owing to identity theft. This is a replica of what Capverto project has been able to put in place. Far from the wallet addresses that are prone to hacks and identity thefts; Capverto is tying theirs to the NUBAN/SWIFT online accounts, bringing it at par with the normal bank account.
The security of such accounts are further boosted with a unique KYC administration protocol that requires a 3 months utility bill and a valid means of identification; Anti money Laundering and Terrorism acts protocols, etc. To cap it all, a third party identity manager will be hired, ensuring that names tied to the accounts were those of the real owners. With these, this account innovation is said to be of a better value, as they will do well to nip the issue of identity theft in a bud, and still go the extra mile to curtail possible thefts through cyber-attacks. With the above measures and a backup cryptocurrency insurance feature; the account holders are rest assured that their valuables can never be compromised. These go to proof that the Capverto project will be running on safer account details, than what we have presently have.

While banks operates basically on fiats; Capverto will be making good the promise of integrating the unbanked and the under banked into valuable banking services, by creating an easy conversion interface between cryptocurrencies and Fiats, via the fearsome exchange backed; “prepaid cards”.

Outside the mention of the use of prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies, via which the unbanked and the under banked, gets involved with others in doing financially based transactions, Capverto offers the best lending services, as can be seen in the whitepaper. With this feature, there wouldn’t be those hassles about the tedious transaction histories, hefty collaterals, boring documentations, etc.THE BANKING PLATFORM; on which the transactional exchanges, occur.
In other words, when we talk banking; we're no doubt involving an account, the money, the credits, the online businesses, and the functional platform; on which they are based. These transactions are basically carried out in fiats; with a recent possibility of cashing out cryptocurrencies, also in fiats.

Note: For clarity sake; cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography in regulating the generation of currencies and verification of fund transfers, in a decentralized manner. While Fiats appears central to the usual banking; the CAP utility token, i.e. a cryptocurrency, forms the core of the Capverto platform. With these explanations, let’s see how the Capverto project  https://capverto.com/ , fits in.

Cryptocurrencies on itself; is digital. This implies that over 98% of crypto dealings reflecting banking were online based. The normal banking can only play a catch up game in this regard.

Bureau De Change
As if that wasn’t enough, just as some banks may offer bureau de change services between FIATS; Capverto exchange offers unique and robust exchange services; to and fro cryptocurrencies and fiats.

Business Orientation
While banks can only boast of sketchy interest rates on term deposits, Capverto is offering money making opportunity, through its copy trading feature, that guarantees even the newbies, an appreciable opportunity of making it in the crypto world. With this, the other features partly discussed in here; and the technicalities on which the CAP (Capverto primary token) token has been modeled, etc., i see a banking solution that reflects every inch, a value to the common man; banked and unbanked.

The distribution of these benefits can be felt much faster, with active participation at the ongoing ICO  https://capverto.com/; aimed at raising USD 414, 727, 500, through the sale of 171,375,000 CAP tokens at . The faster the hard-cap is reached, the faster the deployment comes.

Behind every successful project, there'll always be a great team. The Capverto project is not an exception in this regard. This is why I did introduce the faces of the amiable and vibrant team of the Capverto brand, as contained above.
Get involved, and be a part of this cryptocurrency history about been made.
Capverto  https://capverto.com/ , an innovative ICO for the unbanked!


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