"Connectius" I want. I get. ICO LIVE.

Many online stores want to reduce their financial losses and clean the site of the economic system from scammers. On the Internet, scammers can launder money not only from online stores, but also from one person. This is due to the fact that the protection of their personal data is not enough to prevent illegal actions with your means. In this we can help special platforms that are designed to improve and complicate access to your account, access to personal information and access to your funds. On the Internet, there are not so many of them, because there is a lot of competition. And a little what service provides a guarantee of your safety. But we found a solution to this problem. We bring to your attention the project Connectius.

This project is based on special algorithms Blockchain, which allow to increase the level of protection of your data. This platform uses SaaS software, which makes it possible to safely trade, buy and consume units or services in the field of crypto currency.
This platform is also connected to the ICO token sales market, which also provides you with security in the purchase or sale of the service. At the moment they are able to do it thanks to a system of sophisticated verification and identification. The system is protected by powerful servers that process your data at high speed. Hashing your information occurs in the automatic mode of the program, which works all the time without interruption.
This server's ability to work makes it possible to perform your operations throughout the day and at any time. Also in the software of SaaS there is a round-the-clock support, so if there are any questions or doubts about the operability and safety of your data, the agent is always ready to answer your questions.

  • https://www.connectius.com/
    In the market, ICO takes one of the highest levels of sales of its CNT tokens, as well as the company has many investors and customers who have invested a lot of money in the development of the project. Due to the fact that we have investments from our sponsors, we are developing a new method for accessing the server via the Connectius.Experts mobile application. The application is still at the development stage, as more funds are needed to open new servers. At the time when there was an ICO, the team was 14 people. The same team continued to work together as a whole on this platform.

    The Connectius project itself is a clean and transparent solution that handles transactions online and conducts its calculations on the main Blockchain base. At the heart of the ecosystem of this platform is the API, it needs to be used for remote interaction of applications with the database itself. Your database will be opened in the form of a "consumer". This platform also provides the services of the Arbiter and the Oracle. The task that the Arbitrator performs is the solution of disputable issues. They, directly, arise during the use of the network. An oracle is an organization that is represented by an external power of attorney. If you use the form "consumer", then use within all ecosystems will be free, which is already encouraging. This decision was made to attract companies to this platform.
    Also, if you use paid content of our system, then according to statistical data we made the market price of buying and selling an order of magnitude lower than that of others. Although the price is lower, but the range of services is greater! This gives us the opportunity to throw all the competitors aside and completely commit ourselves to fulfilling our obligations.
  • https://www.connectius.com/
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