"Copytrack" The First Blockchain-Based Image Copyright Register. ICO LIVE.

Rightholders have to assert their legal rights to information products, programs, books, articles, photos and video materials. Particularly acute is the problem of protecting copyrights for digital images: the drawing you and posted on the Internet may seem to someone very similar to his property.
In the digital age, many people earn money by creating certain content for the Internet. This can be a photograph, graphic design, vector graphics, etc., created by a specific person. Everyone who puts this information on the web wants to make money by selling or renting their own creation.

Given the widespread distribution of digital images from authors to consumers or intermediaries on the Internet, as well as on various digital media, the number of copyright infringements on graphic works is constantly increasing due to the ease of copying such images.
Thus, it is extremely important to protect the rights of authors of digital graphic works, to prevent illegal copying and distribution of digital images.

Traditional measures to counteract such "piracy", basically, include drawing on images of so-called "piracy". "Watermarks", the use of images of reduced size or low-resolution images, encryption of the original image and storing it in an encrypted manner, displaying images on non-standard components.
Market research shows that currently more than 2 billion digital images are downloaded on the Internet daily, of which about 85 percent are not licensed for use. In this regard, many rights holders and digital image owners receive losses from illegal copying and distribution of their images and images.

By implementing a distributed database for images, COPYTRACK plans to create a single Blockchain library for storing copyright information on images, licensing and payments, which will help protect creators and content owners.
In particular, the registration of digital images in the Blockchain COPYTRACK will allow you to track and verify the facts of their use, as with every fact of using these images, creators and rights holders will immediately receive notifications.
Thus, the creation of a global database of copyrights to digital images on a Blockchain technology will greatly facilitate the issues of licensing and control over the use of content.
Among other things, when using the COPYTRACK platform, creators and content owners will be able to directly establish and control pricing for copyright items without any intermediaries, which, according to the most conservative estimates, will save over 70 percent of the funds spent.
In order to obtain sufficient funding for the development of the Blockchain, the COPYTRACK project has been running the ICO since December 2017, in which more than $ 8 million has been successfully collected.

Currently, the project COPYTRACK has already reached an agreement with the HitBTC exchange on the listing of the CPY token, which provides the participants of the token with remarkable investment opportunities.
For more information about the COPYTRACK project, please visit https://copytrack.io/



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