"Cryptonia" Play poker online with cryptocurrency ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ICO LIVE.

Poker is a game that our ancestors played more than 450 years ago. The rules of the game, of course changed, but the interest in this game does not stop until now. In the USA, for example, poker is the most popular card game and it is unlikely that it will become less popular with time. It is played at home, in the family circle, in bars with friends, well, and the most common option, of course online on the Internet. It is played for money, for virtual chips or just for interest. But the most reckless players still prefer to earn on it, because when your hobby makes a profit, it becomes even more interesting to play.

Currently, in addition to the above options, you can also play for the crypto currency. This opportunity is provided by the Cryptonia project.
Cryptonia Poker is a platform based on blockchain technology with a blockchain, through which users can play safely and honestly. In online poker, Cryptonia Poker will probably play from anywhere in the world. Transparency and fair play are guaranteed on the Cryptonia platform, so you can have no doubt about the security of your funds. All transaction data will be decentralized and this will ensure transparency of all transactions.

The platform will have its own cryptocurrency, which, in principle, it will be possible to play.
Cryptonia is a cryptocurrency, tokens, based on the ether. Players will be able to buy or sell Cryptonia anywhere in the world, provided that the country where they are legally allowed to play poker.

The platform will operate Fairplay system, which completely excludes any possible fraudulent actions. Also, a program will be installed that will ensure the safety and anonymity of all gamers.
The problems that exist in other venues where online poker is played, such as delay in processing payments, withdrawals, insufficient control over your own funds and a number of others, on the Cryptonia Poker platform - will be eliminated. And all this thanks to the technology of blockchain.

Total issued 1 million 000 tokens
The cost of the token is 0.06 USD
ICO - 10 April 2018 - 01 July 2018

It's just a paradise for players, where the game becomes honest, open and safe.
By joining the project and buying tokens Cryptonia, you can get 15% of the total number of tokens due to various promotional activities and promotions. Chic conditions for a prospective investment of their funds and no less interesting game with Cryptonia Poker.


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