"Datablockchain" Merging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Bring Critical Information to the World. ICO SOON!

Datablockchain.io is a revolutionary data platform that is aimed at dramatically changing the way companies and individuals collect premium data. This product aims to simplify the work with data, making them more accessible and less expensive than with existing data collection and validation methods. As a result, customers can access specific data sets in an efficient and transparent way, choosing exactly what they need without paying for data they do not need.

Given that in 2017, the advertising market reached 591 billion dollars. US, and for digital advertising account for 209 billion dollars. USA from this sum, the need for accurate data only increases. Data is the basis of the marketing boom, DataBlockchain.io has the opportunity to become a leader in this niche.

DataBlockchain.io will combine its own data with many of the world's largest databases: from government agencies, industry data, voting records and to business data, real estate data, credit bureau data, etc. to create a multitude of diverse data sets that are of value to individuals and businesses seeking to attract and retain customers.

Access to quality data offered by DataBlockchain.io was too expensive for most companies not on the Fortune 50 list. But now, as a result of the platform, all participants will be able to get the exact data they need. The size of the data retrieval order will not matter, since DataBlockchain.io eliminates intermediaries in the data provision area, which tend to overprice and are inefficient. This opens up the undeveloped market of potential customers in the global arena.

Tokens DataBlockchain.io (DBCCoin) will be used for transactions in DataBlockchain.io and for rewarding data providers. The DBCCoin token will also function as an important marketing tool for DataBlockchain.io, as it will serve as the basis for a reward program, as well as stimulating partners through a promotion program. These functionality will be fully supported by a smart contract using Solidity.

Three models of income:

  • The partner of large data transfers data through the API
  • DataBlockchain.io
  • Placement of Partner Data on DataBlockChain.io

Main technologies:

  • Smart Indexing Engine (SIE)
  • Integration of the blocking system
  • DBC wallet for easy purchase
  • IPFS

The project is assured by a team of data professionals, experienced managers and engineers with decades of experience in data and technology, which intends to capitalize a unique combination of large data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in order to provide access to the necessary information throughout the world.

Pre-Sale / Main Sale Information:

  • Total tokens were created: 870 million.
  • Total tokens for sale are 522 million (60%). Closed sale: 100 million tokens
  • The preliminary sale will take place from 27.05.2018 to 21.06.2018. Tokenov for sale: 164.58 million. Price of the token: $ 0.08 ($ 0.12 with 50% bonus)
  • The main sale is June 27, 2018 through July 21, 2018. Tokens for sale: 257.42 million Price of the Token: $ 0.08
  • Allocated to the team / consultants: 221.1 million (25%)
  • Bounty campaign: 10 million (1%)
  • Air Drop / Marketing: 10 million (1%)
  • Exchange / Reserve: 106.9 million (12%)
  • Min. buy for pre-sale: 1 ETH
  • Min. buy for main sale: 0.1 ETH
  • Soft Cap: $ 10 million
  • Hard Cap: $ 50 million

In general, DataBlockchain is ready for success, taking into account the above mentioned signs, which were discussed. The project solves the problem of the real world, while providing a reliable data ecosystem. In addition, its strong team and its underlying technologies make the DataBlockChain project one that has a recipe for success!

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