"Debitum Network" Unique platform for micro and small business on Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

Hello guys, today i wanna tell you about Debitum Network.
This project intends to solve the problem of representatives of the micro business, which at the moment do not have access to alternative sources of financing. The thing is that the sounded industry is completely subordinated and regulated by banking institutions, which put forward a number of strict requirements to the financed objects, and many of them small organizations simply can not match. Due to the lack of a financial push, most firms either can not exist at all, or do not have the opportunity to develop and expand, hence to generate income to the economy and create new jobs.

According to the World Bank, about 70% of microenterprises can not get loan loans for business development, and this is a colossal deterrent for many economies. Another difficulty is the lack of a trust bridge between creditors and borrowers, which is explained by a centralized approach to financing issues, corruption of the sphere and its strict state regulation.

How does the Debitum platform intend to solve the financing problem?
In her plans to become a hybrid center that unites the real financial sector with the advantages and capabilities of block-technologies. Such integration should exclude a centralized financial intermediary between an organization that needs cash injections and a potential investor. Solving the problem of the existing approach to financing is possible only through the introduction of a transparent and decentralized system - that is, a blockade. It will ensure transparency, full trust, automation of decision-making processes, and therefore their impartiality.

The purpose of the Debitum network is to create a fair, affordable and honest way to receive funding from medium or small businesses that do not have access to regular bank loans so that they can grow and develop.

Debitum platform assumes the role of an impartial third party regulating the relationship between the financed enterprise and the sources of finance for it. The service will be based on the decentralized Ethereum network, using the capabilities and functionality of smart contracts.

The peculiarity of the Debitum ecosystem is that it will accept the fiat currencies to simplify the work with it of off-line companies and investors. In addition, for internal transactions, the internal currency, the DEB token, whose function is to serve as a means of settlement for all transactions in the system, will be used.

As a result, all specialists who previously worked in the financial sector (creditors, risk managers, insurance agents, appraisers) will be able to connect to and cooperate with Debitum for free and unhindered. Within the framework of the plan it is planned to consolidate creditors, borrowers, insurers, as well as companies working in the sphere of alternative financing.


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