Hello dear friends and guests of my Golos blog. In this article i wanna tell you about FlipNpik.
Small and medium business is the basis of the GDP of many states as it ensures the interaction of all types of trade relations between foreign suppliers and local consumers that provide demand for exports, etc. The general stimulation of the development of this segment of public relations gives a tremendous impetus to the development of blockchain technologies, and FlipNpik provides all SMEs with this very opportunity to become part of the beginning of overall integration in the blockchain of the SME community by developing and contributing to the improvement of local economy and development and the promotion of local producers.

The role of small and medium-sized business in the economy of the country is determined by the following factors: the number of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in the total number of subjects of a market economy; contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises in the creation of GDP, in the production of products; contribution of small businesses to the formation of federal and regional budgets; growth in the number of employed working-age population in small enterprises, a contribution to the reduction in the number of unemployed; saturation of the market with consumer goods, better satisfaction of the needs of the population; skills of capable citizens in creating their own business, accumulating experience in enterprise management.
Many years of experience in the development of SMEs in European countries have shown that this subject of economic relations plays a huge role in the country's economy, which is to stimulate competition, which encourages large companies to introduce new technologies and improve production efficiency, hence the effectiveness of the entire economy of the European Union (EU) directly depends on the success of SMEs. Therefore, the main objective of the EU SME support policy is to balance the interests of the state and business, to ensure optimal conditions for entrepreneurship, and to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.

FlipNpik is positioned as a decentralized social business is for the interaction of SMEs with the consumer directly for the most careful selection of necessary goods and services on which regular demand is provided.
The essence of the project is dApps FlipNpik due to which the overall assessment of each cell of the enterprise from the quality of products to the maintenance of personnel will be carried out.
Creating an appraisal opinion about each of the directory of enterprises using the services of FlipNpik you will also be able to receive return in the form of profit, tokens of FNP on young and fast Stellar detachment. But how to earn these tokens and what can be done with them? Everything is very simple. You will need to attract your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to use Flip Social to evaluate the enterprises, also to show activity. leave feedbacks put on the likes and repost the information, by the same you show assistance for which you will receive rewards tokens for foreign trade SNP, and also buy goods and leave a review, selfies with the store and the goods that you bought, etc. Since all your actions will be monetized.
Thus, the project provides its own special reward system to stimulate users to activity on the platform.
Using and receiving tokens in the application you can use them to purchase coupon codes or play games, application tokens you can convert to FNP tokens and then exchange for another crypto currency or withdraw to Fiat.

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