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Foresting project is an example of how blockchain technology can be an alternative for ensuring effective distribution of value for content creators on social networks. The developers are planning to create a universal platform that will take into account the entire commercial part of social activity with one click of the "like" button.

The functionality of the system will be used to enable users to receive a fair reward for the content posted. If you are an active user of social networks, the Foresting project will be an ideal opportunity for you to monetize your social activity. The platform supports all types of created content: videos, text, images, live broadcasts and much more.

Find all the necessary information about the project on the site Today, one of the most significant problems in social networks is data transparency. Users often cannot receive rewards for their content. Although the system is not so hopeless, according to statistics, only 5% of materials are rewarded.

Social networks in our time are an integral part of life for most of us. Every day we go to your favorite social networks, post photos and messages, share with your favorite content, or simply view the news feeds of your friends and subscribers. It makes our life more interesting, creates an informational background for everyday discussions with friends and colleagues. It is impossible to even imagine how we used to do without all these online resources. Every person needs communication, it plays an important role in socialization both at the family level and at the business level. Social networks help us keep in touch with friends and family, as well as share important information with work colleagues and business partners.

It is not surprising, therefore, how quickly the popularity of social networks rises. And such popularity hides in itself serious shortcomings. For example, the use of personal data of users, which they spread to the open space or leakage of private data, which for their own purposes fraudsters can use. We all saw more than once how scandals with correspondence of high-ranking officials or media people appeared in the news or theft and putting personal photos of celebrities into the network. Such precedents hamper the development of social networks and force users, if not to completely abandon their use, then at least significantly reduce their social activity.

The developers of the Foresting project have volunteered to reconstruct the current situation in the field of social networks and have created a platform that will help make the necessary changes and improvements in this area. More information can be found in the Whitepaper project at

With the help of Foresting users will be able to receive a fair reward for their content. To do this, the distributed blockchain registry technology and its own economic model using PTON tokens will be used. The platform system is based solely on content creation and focuses on the user voting mechanism. This approach is much better and more efficient than a simple traffic estimate. This allows you to store downloadable content in a decentralized registry. For content creators, special financial services will function, the use of which will be paid for and rewarded in cryptocurrency.

The Foresting network will be accessible to any user and will not require any technical knowledge in the area of the functioning of the blockchain network or cryptocurrencies. The concept involves creating a network platform that allows participants to realize the value of creating content. Developers create a system in this way, when users will be provided with a decent reward for creating materials, and income distribution will be transparent and fast. All types of content will be in demand and will be entitled to reward and support among their target audience.

The ecosystem will contain its own internal bank, the purpose of which will be financial support for content creators based on a unique system of individual credit ratings. Credit will be evaluated by type of content, its volume and quality, the number of visits to the author's profile, the number of views, likes and comments. In simple terms, it is as if you could have a credit line in a bank based on indicators that measure your ability to generate profits from the content you create.

Also, users will be available to such a service as Foresting Lab. Foresting Lab is an autonomous creative space for individual or joint content creation, where users can interact with each other, find partners, engage target projects. The purpose of this service is to improve the quality of the created content. Also, users will be available to such a service as Foresting Lab. Foresting Lab is an autonomous creative space for individual or joint content creation, where users can interact with each other, find partners, engage target projects. The purpose of this service is to improve the quality of the created content.

The essence of the work is simple and clear we create content, lay out on the Foresting platform and get a reward for our work. You can work at any time from any place: write interesting materials at home or shoot online broadcasts on the beach. Foresting allows you to choose what type of advertising we will apply to your content. This algorithm works on the basis of analyzing the interaction of other users with the materials that we post, that is, the target audience that would be interested in the materials we create is automatically recognized. This mechanism will ensure the absence of advertising spam and make a selection of only quality material based on the personal preferences of each user.

Foresting will have a UI UX protocol optimized for running decentralized applications that will support any type of content, including video (for example, Steemit does not support publishing video files). The following is a comparison of the main functions of the Foresting and Steemit platforms.

Foresting is a project that will help to judge the quality of content by individual user ratings. Content creators will be interested in creating high-quality materials in order to receive high rating scores and, accordingly, higher remuneration for their work. For this, ecosystem participants will be able to use creative space that will help them to pump their skills and learn new ways to create their materials to attract a larger audience.

To keep abreast of the latest news of the project, you can visit the official website or subscribe to social networks:



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