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Hi friends and subscribers of my Golos blog. This article be about Goal Bonanza.
Goal Bonanza is being developed as a platform for online betting on football matches. The platform's work is based on the lottery principle, in which players must bet and in the event of a win they will be able to win. At the same time the bet can be done not on one option, but on everything. In total 10 different options will be available.
The beginning of the game
In order to make a bet, the player will have to buy tokens for broadcast or their national currency on one of many exchanges or in another way to get them. Then put their tokens on some eventful options.
In fulfillment of the forecast winners receive a reward.
Potential profit
Unlike ordinary bookmakers, where profits are distributed depending on the ratios set by the office depending on its risks, Goal Bonanza puts profits in a different way.
In Goal Bonanza, the potential profit depends on the gambling bank, the bigger the bank and the smaller the winners, the bigger the winning.
There is no control at the developer level for its implementation or distribution, and all this is done through a contract executed on the ethernet.
A simple example. 1,000 participants will make their bets on any event for a common gaming bank in 1 000 000 tokens. Of these, only 10 people put the option 0: 0 in the event of the victory of this option, then these 10 people will share the entire bank. Each winning participant will receive 100,000 tokens.
The entire process of betting is carried out in tokens, after which it is possible to put them on other games or transfer them into dollars.
Ability to win
Naturally, in order to increase the chance of winning, you can do several bids at once. When betting on one of the options, the player will have a probability of only 10%, and having put on 6 different variants the probability will grow to 60%.
Thus, the Goal Bonanza combines the principles of the lottery and the usual sports betting bets. Goal Bonanza has significant advantages in organizing not only traditional bookmakers, but also lottery organizations.

Only 10 options. Unlike lotteries where there are so many options and often no one gets a win and almost all the bank remains with the organizers of Goal Bonanza is more fair, because the bank is always distributed when there are bets on all options. In Goal Bonanza, each player has the opportunity to put at least ten options, in which case his income depends only on the number of winners.
Absence of income tax. All taxes you can pay after the withdrawal of cash in the regulated area. If you leave your assets in tokens, then you do not need to pay taxes.
Important! Also, do not forget that in all 9 variants do not enter all possible football variations and here you can see the fact that Goal Bonanza is still a lottery. If the game's score is different from the ready-made options, then the 10th version wins, which means any option not specified. If the score is 4: 0, then the winners will be all who chose the latter option. But you can choose the 10th option.
The Goal Bonanza platform, if properly advertised, can be an excellent tool for betting on football games, which will interest almost any adult. A number of unique competitive advantages, among which a completely decentralized device and a new type of rates will allow every user of Goal Bonanza to enjoy the game, the results of their forecasts and get for this a comparable profit with merit.
Tokens Goal Bonanza
In order to raise funds for the realization of its idea, the developers of Goal Bonanza plan to raise funds through the initial placement of the tokens of their platform.
These tokens are needed to make rates in the platform and their value will be regulated on an exchange basis, but at the time of sales the value of the tokens is much lower and they are sold at a discount.
1 Goal Bonanza token costs 0.05 USD

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