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Since the establishment of the enterprise, most of the forces are spent on studying the target market, designating growth points and developing an activity strategy. Instead of increasing production and improving the quality of their products, project creators focus on organizational issues, including the search for qualified personnel. Currently, the freelance market is very popular, because instead of one generalist specialist, you can work with many narrowly focused specialists, receiving quality services. For start-ups and already operating companies, a new product is presented - a decentralized Integrity platform, which, within one ecosystem, brings together small businesses, professional experts, developers of advanced technologies and freelancers. Attracting many narrowly focused specialists contributes to the creation, growth and prosperity of the company.

Integrity platform https://integrity.one was created to assist in the development of the company by attracting third-party qualified specialists. Now companies can focus not on realizing the points of growth of their business, but on their implementation. Skilled Integrity platform specialists will help the company to introduce the most daring and advanced technologies, ensuring a large amount of profit.

The Integrity platform is based on a blockchain platform that helps you find qualified workforce with minimal time and money. The platform presents only qualified specialists who have passed KUS registration with subsequent identification. Project managers check all registered participants and block an account at the first sign of fraud.

Each expert, freelancer or technology developer has a unique rating, which is formed on the basis of the work done. The honesty of the rating is confirmed by its formation on the basis of the work actually performed. Thanks to the blockchain, data cannot be altered and falsified, which guarantees that only the best representatives in their field are represented at Integrity.

Each freelancer offering his product within the project receives an electronic patent. Thus, turning their knowledge into assets that can bring passive income in the future. The product may be developed programs, online training course, etc. These services are provided on a paid basis, generating a freelancer income. Freelancer offers his services directly without an intermediary, which increases his income and reduces the cost of services for buyers. Payment for services is carried out in platform tokens, which the freelancer can take out of the system or invest in the passage of any training, increasing their professional capabilities.

For companies, a significant advantage is the fact that every new technological process from experts passes control in different periods of time. Otherwise, the company sees which changes occurred immediately after the introduction of the technology, which after, for example, a year. Only an assessment of the dynamics allows you to find out whether the product is really profitable. Integrity provides such an opportunity to service buyers, leaving company data already using the technology confidential. As soon as the technology has proven itself, it enters into mass implementation. To verify each object, the target protocols PoWR2 are used.

On the platform, users can access crypto cards with a high level of protection. Payments for services rendered are carried out using smart contracts, allowing transactions to be carried out quickly and profitably.

For calculations on the project are used ITX tokens. In total, 300 million tokens were issued, of which 70% was sent for sale. The fixed price for one ITX is $ 0.15. Hardcap project is $ 20 million, softkap - $ 2 million.

Thus, the Integrity https://integrity.one platform is a new unique project where companies can find qualified professionals who provide their services and implement their technologies for successful and rapid business development. Thanks to the Integrity project, companies can focus directly on their activities, and entrust organizational issues to platform professionals.

The development of the project began in 2016 and is currently working on a beta version of the project. The gradual introduction of calculations through smart contracts, the improvement of the design of the project and the implementation of the voiced tools will allow the platform to begin work in full functionality by the end of 2019.

Website: https://integrity.one
Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/2ybGDuT
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Hu4rn03kjBlryJVnsLTNaQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/integrityone/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IntegrityOne_ai
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4968664.0

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