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    In this article we will talk about a fairly well-known and popular method of investment, namely the forex market. If anyone does not know what forex is, then it is an international currency exchange system, with almost all banks and financial institutions in the world. Any participant can become a participant if there is a device for Internet access and capital for trading.

Why did trading on Forex become so popular? Yes, because people from different social strata have the opportunity to earn this way, since no big investments are required. Due to what is this happening? Due to the fact that the broker through which you trade, provides you with leverage (the company's auxiliary funds) through which you can work even with minor means.
After we learned what forex or refreshed my memory, I would like to talk about the hero of our article LHCrypto!

The purpose of this project is very simple and effective - it is the creation of a separate division of the broker, in the framework of which all mutual settlements will be conducted in the crypto currency. What problems this goal will help to solve in a well-established business and why:

  • connect countries to the market, whose legislation prevents the transfer of funds to foreign companies, and this will help cover a huge market in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and most Arab countries;
    the commission, which for traditional currencies is about 6%, will be reduced to 1% thanks to the technology of blocking and settlement in the crypto currency;
  • users actively owning a crypto currency will not spend time and money to exchange crypto currency to replenish the account;
    0 conducting mutual settlements and keeping funds in the crypto currency will discard the need to obtain regulatory licenses, respectively, the restrictions of regulators of different countries are minimized, and this allows building effective marketing schemes to attract customers (bonus and partnership programs that stimulate the lottery, etc.).
  • https://lh-crypto.io/


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