"Medichain" Platform for the development of the medical field of activity. ICO LIVE.

The problem of health has always been one of the most urgent in the life of every person. To provide first aid, and sometimes to save lives, it is always important to have access to the patient's medical records. On the other hand, the availability of data to pharmaceutical companies and physicians will allow to investigate the most common diseases and methods of their treatment. Anonymous medical information will help people suffering from similar diseases. Find a medicine that is necessary for a particular disease will become easier. The founder of MediChain platform Mark Baker believes that his project will benefit in solving global problems related to people's health and life https://medichain.online/. The MediChain team consists of professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, IT development and start-ups. Developers of the site strive to make it the industry leader and associate this with the joint use of blockchain and off-line technology, which will ensure the scale of the project. Blockchain stores pointers to the data, but the information itself is on separate protected clouds.

The ecosystem is a patient data warehouse. The system allows you to store your own data and gives access to them to health workers, regardless of the location and network of the payer. The unique structure of the platform will provide quick access to information and make it a platform for daily use in medical practice.
For patients, this platform will be convenient, since any doctor or insurance agent, to which a person applied, will at any time have access to all of his medical data. The use of the network by the patient for the purpose of data storage will be free of charge. Also, users of the platform will have the right to choose whether to provide their data anonymously or openly. MediChain strives to provide the most favorable conditions for all participants, creating the best method of information processing. All patients can store data on the site, regardless of whether they are tokens or not. Owners of more than 100 tokens will be given access to their own data and to smart cards as the project progresses. Pharmaceutical companies, analyzing the database platform, will look for new trends and directions in their industry.

The company has released MCU tokens having the ERC20 standard. Markers can be purchased through the platform at the time of sale. Now passes PRE-ICO. In this period, you can get up to 50% of bonuses, depending on the amount of purchase. Holders of tokens will be able to use the services of the platform, including a number of advantages. On the MediChain site it will be possible to order diagnostic services in the medical institutions participating in the system. To obtain anonymous medical data for the purpose of conducting any studies, MCU markers are also required. The owners of tokens will be able to vote for research programs, thereby determining their priorities. Also MCU holders will use monetary units to receive discounts on medical services and consultations. The cost of MCU tokens for the ICO period is set at $ 1.


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