"Orvium" Open and Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

Hello, dear friends! The other day I got a very interesting project, called Orvium. The Orvium project is the first software, open source and decentralized management structure that will allow you to monitor the entire creative process of the author, from the moment of writing scientific works, articles, dissertations, works to their official publication and help protect copyright.

The Orvium project - gives us the opportunity to visually benefit from the use of a decentralized model, with zero delay, which will create favorable conditions for the development of an independent, transparent and competitive market.

In this article I will tell you about the concept, advantages and capabilities of this platform.

Your article or work immediately after the audit will be published, and be on the platform in the public domain. The platform will verify the evidence that you are the author and own the rights to this scientific work.

With the help of a unique blockchain technology, you can stage-by-stage record the entire history of creating your article, dissertation, scientific work, literary work and track any changes, evaluations of authoritative experts, transfer of copyright and so on.

The Orvium project gives scientists the opportunity to share their research, development, comments, which significantly increases the scientific value and validity of the work (validity).

Decentralized journals offer an economical, flexible, completely autonomous way of processing and classifying scientific literature, and create favorable conditions for the further cooperation of authors, businessmen and editors.

The Orvium platform will ensure cooperation between all ecosystem participants, at all stages of writing scientific papers, articles, and dissertations.

A team of high-level specialists worked on the project. A well-designed official website will help you quickly understand the essence of the project and make the final choice. The "Orvium" project will be a terrific solution to many problems in this field, help authors of scientific works get recognition, establish authorship, develop global research. Details on the official site of the innovative platform "Orvium".
Wish successful investment and good luck!

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