"OTPPAY" Omni Token Platform for Payments. Blockchain powered Instant OTPPAY Crypto Lending Solutions. ICO LIVE.

Hello friends and guests of my Golos blog. In this article i wanna tell you about the main characteristics and aspects of the OTPPAY platform.
All who have cryptocurrency assets use various platforms for sale, transfer, conversion, purchase and other operations. But not all sites allow you to conduct transactions of different types. Therefore, users have to switch from one site to another, which is not very convenient. Particularly relevant now is the question of overcoming the distance between crypto currency and fiat money. A solution is needed that will quickly convert the digital currency into a traditional one. If such a process is possible, then ordinary people will be able to use crypto currency in everyday life. Digital money in this case will increasingly enter into circulation and replace the currency of the currency.
OTPPAY command is working on this issue https://www.otppay.io/. She develops a blockchain-based platform that uses artificial intelligence.

Main task of the developers is to create a site that for a minimum period of time will exchange the crypto currency for fiat money and allow them to pay for purchases and services. To implement the ideas, a team of specialists in various fields, such as financial and mobile technologies, crypto-currencies and digital money settlements, was assembled. The experience of existing platforms for creating a viable product will be analyzed and taken into account.

Funds necessary for the development of the project will be collected during the PRE-ICO and ICO. The ICO will consist of two stages. During the PRE-ICO, the collection of funds shows that the project is attractive and interesting for the market. Already almost one and a half times exceeded the Soft Cap, installed by the project team. There is very little time left to buy OTPPAY tokens at a price of 1 ETH for 16000 markers. And get 20% as a bonus. From April 4 and May 4, respectively, the first and second stage of the ICO. And then the price will be different. Namely: 1 ETH = 8000 OTP. The bonuses will be 15 and 10% in the first and second phase of the ICO. In the future, OTP tokens will be traded on different exchanges in order to attract new users to the platform.

OTPPAY project will enable users to easily and quickly sell, buy, convert crypto-currencies. For this, a mobile application with an automatic trading function will serve. Rapid movement from crypto currency to fiat money, high security standards, clear and simple interface will lead to the OTPPAY market becoming the leader in the digital currency market.


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