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Hello! Today we will talk about loans. Nowadays, many people take loans to make serious purchases, for example, to buy a car or an apartment. Basically, we turn to banks or open a credit card. We do not leave choice and we have to pay high interest. But there are situations when we can not repay the loan on time and turn out to be on the black list. Our credit history is spoiled, and nothing can be done about it.

Most recently, I took out a loan. I had to get it to collect a whole package of documents and the interest was higher than the specified ones, because I did not fulfill all the necessary conditions. I did not have any joy from the credit, just disappointment. All banks have credit conditions almost the same. In Europe, where my friends live, lending rates are several times lower than ours. With the distributed credit system Distributed Credit Chain https://dcc.finance, which I learned about, people's lives are changing for the better. I was interested to know about her.

The platform is characterized by blocking technology and the presence of a decentralized system. It can be used by people all over the world. Very impressed with the passage of the ICO. Twenty minutes was needed for public sales, HardCap gathered very quickly, although it was within 49 million. The project attracts a good prospect in the future. Platform users will have information about its participants. As for the creditors, they will observe the borrowers and their credit history. On the block, all the necessary information is saved. If the lender wants, he can look at your credit history. It can not be replaced, and if it is bad, you will not get a loan.

This project has serious investors. On the partners of the project also need to say. It is impossible not to mention the partnership with Usechain. In this project the team uses a technologically special way personal data are identified. The sphere of finance is excellent for them. What is very pleased, this is the entry of DCC in the list of fifty of the best newest detachments in 2018.

To get a loan, you need: to register; Make a request; indicate the expected amount.
The application is considered by the program in an automatic mode, and then creditors will receive it it is also automatically redirected to it. They carefully study the information they are interested in the history of loans. If it is transparent, then you will be provided with a loan. No contract is concluded, accordingly, there is very little time for consideration.

If a person connects in one country, he can see that in the other lower interest. Due to this, banks assess risks and offer a person a loan under more favorable conditions than all banks of the country of residence.

The project has a personal token-DCC. To create it, take the reference point Ethereum, ERC20. It is used to pay off the credit debt or perform operations for the Distributed Credit Chain https://dcc.finance. A well-thought-out technology can reduce costs, as well as the risks of suppliers of different services. Also, the costs and commission charged to users are also reduced. The data stored in the DCC cloud is provided to the right institutions, on their basis they can give credit to a person and keep his information on loans in the blockhouse. Credit cards on the blockchain account contain information about the loans taken in various institutions.

I want to note that this project is able to solve problems with lending anywhere, anywhere in the world. This is the main advantage of the platform. And everything happens on the blockchain, so the conditions are transparent and open.Distributed Credit Chain is a decentralized banking system that unites all those who need money and the most creditors. Contains the recognized leaders of the blockbuster: Huobi; DATA; IOTA; Binance.

  • It can be said with certainty that the project has reached great peaks, so a huge number of people were interested. All thanks to thoughtful details and a well-coordinated team of professionals who have experience of working in this field.

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