"Profede" ICO LIVE.

Hello my dear friends, guests and subscribers. In this article i tell you about Profede.
Profede is a new project created for direct relationships between company executives and specialists in any field. Now every employer can find a potential specialist worker without the help of intermediaries.

The project works in such a way that every professional interested in employers will receive a certain number of tokens for the fact that any "firm" communicates with him, takes personal time, recognizing professional skills and abilities. Due to this, employers before the call specialist will conduct a thorough selection before the call, so as not to lose their own money. Specialists will have their own individual rating. The higher this indicator, the higher the cost of work and the likelihood that your employer will be a well-known company. Due to the technology of the block, all the data will be guaranteed to be safe.

Benefits of Profede
Every specialist who receives a call from a potential employer receives monetary compensation. Previously, such a "bonus" went to intermediaries.
Each member of Profede will join the cryptomir and will receive additional income without investing anything. You can earn money on the tokens of the RATO project.
All "infa" will be closed and protected. If the employer wants to get acquainted with it, he will need to pay this deytsvie.
If a professional wants to find a job, he can do it on Profede.

Sale and distribution of Professe tokens
Profede produces 6 billion tokens. Half of them will be used to view detailed information about a specialist and then to pay for labor. The cost of one unit of a token is equal to one cent. The minimum amount for the work of this platform is $ 1.5 million and it already exists. The maximum number of investments for this project is $ 20,000,000.

The distribution of tokens will occur as follows:
three million tokens will be sold during the pre-sale period and the corresponding sale;
40% of all tokens will be used in the Profede reserve, including marketing, project development and bounty;
the platform team will get 10% of the tokens.

All collected funds after the sale of the tokens will be distributed in this way:
development of Profede - 40%;
communication with the media, partner programs and similar spending - 44%;
administrative expenses - 5%;
legal contracts - 6%;
unforeseen costs - 5%.

The Profede project was established in late 2017. Within a short time, a team was found that will implement the project. In the same period, a project was created, a concept, strategy, and a commercial move were invented. At the beginning of this year, the bounty was created, the necessary documents were signed, the sale of all forecasted tokens was started. Completely this incredibly necessary and steep project will be able to work in early 2019. He will attract a huge number of clients and investors, since there is no similar platform in the world.

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