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In the present age of advertising and consumer society, the most valuable resource is information. In a huge number of commercials, banners and other similar suggestions, it's easy to get lost. The problem of awareness of the quality of goods is decided by bloggers, youtube and, who inspect and other specialists use any product and tell about all its advantages and disadvantages. As a rule, these Internet bloggers do not cover the entire volume of goods and services.

To solve this information vacuum, the RATEONIUM site was created. This project is based on the system of blockchain technology Ethereum.

Advantages of RATEONIUM:
The platform has a number of positive qualities and components that contribute to the clear implementation of the objectives of the site.

  1. RATEONIUM is a mobile application. This element of the system helps to scale the project, its availability in all corners of the world.
  2. A whole partner network has been created, which is used in all business and trade sectors.
  3. Information and descriptions posted on RATEONIUM, promote good and global advertising, accurate and accurate information about products and services.
  4. The use of the system in question raises the level of confidence in the posted advertising and information.
  5. A participant in the system, leaving feedback, information, receives certain rewards in the project currency. Rewards are made in an automatic mode, thanks to the technical equipment of the site.
  6. Uninterrupted operation of the modules of the system is also provided by means of software such as automatic monitoring and RTO checks.
  7. The platform has a whole system of identification and personalization, which also helps to increase the level of trust in resources.

ICO details:
The name of the project's token is RATEONIUM - RTC.
The total number of assets issued by RTS is 801,703,971 units of assets.
The accepted currency is ETH.
System Ethereum, Blockchain technology.
For pre-sale, 19,500 thousand RTS are determined at a price of 1 RTS = 0.000091ETN.
The time of preliminary sales is from August 10, 2018 to August 25, 2018.
For the first stage of public sales, 129,999,999 RTS are directed at a price of 1 RTS = 0.000109.
For the second stage of public sales, 445,714,297 RTS are allocated at a price of 1 = 0.000127 ETH.
For the third stage of sales, 19,500,000 RTS are left at a price of 1 RTS = 0.000145 ETH.
For the fourth stage of sales, 19,500,000 RTS are drawn at a price of 1 RTS = 0.000163.
For the fifth stage of sales, 31,200,000 RTS were approved at a price of 1 RTS = 0.000182 RTS.
The period of public sales is from August 25 to September 25, 2018.
Soft Cap - 32 000 ETH.
Hard Cap - 84 234 ЕТН.

Summing up, it should be noted that the system has all the conditions, prerequisites and prospects for development and for increasing the number of users of the platform, increasing capital and increasing the cost of tokens. The return on investment in the project under consideration is beyond doubt.
It remains to wish for early dividends and high incomes.

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