"Repux" Monetize data using Blockchain technology. "Data is The New Oil". ICO LIVE.


Repux is a platform for trading data. The database is intended for data collectors, developers and consumers. The protocol is a high-capacity storage repository. The platform is based on Blockchain, which guarantees the transparency of all operations. Developers are convinced that in the future, monetization of data will bring profits to both individuals and companies. The platform will allow the user to conduct transactions between the platforms, and all this will be implemented without intermediaries.

Repux is an innovative protocol that is equipped with a multitude of applications that will be used to perform various tasks and tasks. It will be possible to archive the data at the level of the RepuX protocol storage (IPFS), to place large volumes of information. The platform can be used for advertising purposes, for online sales and international trade agreements. Enterprises will be able to use the information collected by RepuX to improve their business performance.

RepuX technology, due to the transparency of all processes provided with Blockchain technology, can increase the trust of the participants in the transactions. The protocol will build a reliability rating based on RepuX customer reviews. The reputation component will also be relevant for microcredit, conducted on the platform. The company has released its own token for the ERC20 RepuX standard. PRE-ICO will be held on January 23, 2018. During the previous sale of tokens you can buy at a discount of 50%, the price for 1 RepuX during this period is equivalent to $ 0.1.

Sales of tokens will take place from February 6 to March 9, 2018. At various stages, ICO also provides discounts. Token will be managed by the RepuX Foundation. The task of this company is to maximize the involvement of users in the project and security tokens. Using RepuX markers will be trading data between developers and consumers on the platform. Providers of information will be able to set the price for their data, as well as supplement and update them. The use of tokens in the protocol implies the conclusion of smart contracts, which will facilitate instant receipt of payment and confirmation of transactions. Developers, based on information from collectors, will be able to create programs and services for further transfer to users for RepuX tokens.



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