SGPay - It's not easy to use a purse for electronic payments built on Blockchain technology. SGPay becomes a daily virtual assistant to manage its crypto-currencies. You will be able to make payments not only through credit cards but also make daily online purchases, all this will be available on one whole platform through a smartphone and not only. The wallet, which will be available as early as 2018, will initially be sent to the electronic payment industry in south-east Asia. SGPay already in the near future will be available for easy use.

To date, the network there are many crypto-currency wallets for those or other purposes. In general, they use standard crypto-currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and intended for narrow use; transfers, purchase and exchange of crypto-currency through exchange offices, storage. SGPay will present a wider range of services in the use of crypto-currency and daily life.

SGPay will support not only standard crypto currency, it will allow users to use the greatest amount of crypto currency.

A more standard feature will help you make transactions between users. The only advantage is the availability of transfers of various crypto-currencies.

You will be able to make payments through bank cards, as well as receive additional cash rewards when paying for various services using the platform.

The team claims that all possible leading companies will be connected to the use of the platform, to enable consumers to provide better services.

High quality protection with several built-in safeguards. Availability of biometric verification for the convenience and safety of using an online wallet.

Convenience and easy access payments for all users. Use QR code for more convenient payments.

Also, SGPay will unite and create on the platform an online store with all kinds of sales representatives for the convenience of customers. Very soon we will see and we will be able to use these wallet. If everything conceived by the team will be combined in one place, it will be a good quality product in everyday life. We hope for the success of the team!

The team plans to release 10 million tokens, all unsold tokens will be destroyed.
From 1 to 14 February, pre-sale of tokens will be available. All interested participants will be able to purchase tokens at a price of $ 0.40 per one token. For pre-sale will be available 2 million tokens.
From 1 to 31 March, a public sale will be available. Everyone can buy a Tokin at a price of 0.50 $ per token.
The soft cover is 735 ETH
The minimum payment to participate in the sale of Tokines is 1ETH maximum 100ETH
Currency to buy only ETH

The team's road map begins in 2017 and is phased in to the events until 2019. You will always be aware of upcoming events, new partners, more updated versions, various additions and much more.

Experienced team that has engineers, technologists, developers, business managers, marketers and others. They have a lot of experience with Blockchain technology. Also, the team, like everyone else, has experienced advisers who helped create and launch other projects on the market.
For all who are interested in this project and the release of online wallet, leave the contacts on the official channels. You can learn all the latest news, visit the site for more detailed information, join social networks, as well as contact the team.

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