"Smart Containers" develops, builds and rents out airfreight containers for medicine & food transports. We combine cutting-edge technology and IoT sensors in a logistics ecosystem on Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

The sphere of special attention in cargo transportation is pharmaceuticals and food products. Such products require a particularly careful attitude when transporting, observing a variety of conditions, including humidity, temperature to the exact degrees at which it is stored.

These products require the acceleration of the entire chain of logistics operations, respectively, reducing the volume of documentation and the time of its processing. This would allow the fastest and the shortest route to deliver products to the consumer. The shelf-life of medicines and fresh food, especially from farmers, can be such that it is important to deliver them as quickly and in the best possible condition.

What does the Smart Containers Group offer?
The Swiss company Smart Containers has developed its own solution to these problems.
On the one hand, it produces and also sells and leases smart containers equipped with temperature sensitive IoT sensors. Inside such a container, an optimal medium for the transportation of the desired product is created. The container with the load no longer needs the accompanying documentation, long terms of information processing, filling in the necessary forms, the work of special people for this. All the detailed and complete information is stored inside the container itself in the sensor records.

Moreover, the developers of the Smart Containers project (LOGI CHAIN ecosystem) went further and connected the sensor information to the blockchain platform, making it accessible to the public, transparent and accessible to all stakeholders who need to track the container path. Now it will be possible via the Internet to quickly and easily find out where the container is at the moment, how quickly it will arrive for its intended purpose, what are the conditions for storing the products in it and other important information. Calculations on the platform will be conducted in the crypto currency, which will make the transactions faster and cheaper, eliminating intermediaries from the process.

Smart Containers Group consists of two fast growing companies:

  • SkyCell - creates containers for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • FoodGuardians is engaged in the logistics of products.
    Both companies in the Smart Containers Group represent the logistics ecosystem LOGI CHAIN - an open platform based on the blockchain system, which will provide opportunities for logistics and administration of a new generation through smart contracts.

    The project will create a fully autonomous container with invoicing in cryptocurrencies.
    Smart Containers Group will issue two types of a token, the aggregate fee should be 40 million US dollars.
    The purpose of each token is:
  • Token SMARC Coin is intended to participate in profit. They will go on to expand production. The maximum planned collection is 36 million US dollars. The price of 1 token is $ 0.432. USA.
  • The LOGI Coin token is for service purposes inside the platform itself. It will be used to operate the LOGI CHAIN ecosystem, for payment in transactions under smart contracts. The maximum planned fee is 4 million US dollars.
  • The price of 1 token is $ 0.285. USA.

    Crowdsdale for both types of tokens - June 2018 with discounts, respectively:
  • the first third of the month - 15%;
  • the second third - 10%;
  • the last third - 5%.
    The project is run by an experienced team of the best specialists in its field and advisers on the ICO.

The company has been on the market for five years with excellent growth performance and potential for development. Today it brings new technologies of blocking to the market of cargo transportation and changes the rules of trade in the field of logistics.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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