Hello my dear readers. Nowadays the industry of production is actively developing. Around the world are small and huge enterprises for production. All these enterprises operate in various fields of activity. Production can not exist without freight, timely deliveries, the end price depends on the supply, because the more expensive it is, the more expensive the product. The high price due to supplies, and there is that negative factor that will try to unravel the startup SyncFab. As you may have guessed, this platform works in the field of supply.

SyncFab is an innovative decentralized blockbuster platform for optimizing operations, uses IOT and smart contracts. This project originates from the southwestern part of the consolidated metropolitan statistical area (conglomeration-conurbation) of San Francisco. The objective of the project is to provide reliable and accessible information to the buyer and manufacturer, to simplify the delivery systems as much as possible. For full automation of processes and perfect communication between buyers and manufacturers in IIOT occur through the B2B SaaS ecosystem. SyncFab, creates an ecosystem that allows the buyer to find the right product and company that can easily process the part and make it into the supply chain. Thus, participants in this chain will be able to automate and adjust the procurement and supply processes.

SyncFab is designed to solve a number of common issues in the manufacturing industry:

Unequal business conditions. The problem is that manufacturers prefer to work with large companies, which makes this business difficult for small businesses.
Lack of transparency in procurement. The SyncFab project will try to solve this problem, because at the moment 31% of buyers believe that the search for supplier-producers is a complicated process.
The problem of obsolete technologies. SyncFab covers the most advanced technologies and processes.
Weak security. 39% of companies experienced a violation of intellectual property rights last year. SyncFab, thanks to the technology of blocking, will provide additional protection of creative rights.
The platform will have its own internal MFG token

Advantages of the token:

  • Reasonable price and excellent quality
  • Transparency Transactions
  • Local network connection to the network
  • Transaction security
  • Control and management
  • Guarantee for payments, thanks to smart contracts
  • Minimizing overheads and processes
  • A little bit about ICO
  • The MFG marker is a utility token used to reward buyers and manufacturers when performing transactions.
  • For sale, there are 300,000,000 MFG tokens.
  • The total volume of tokens issued is 1,000,000,000 MFG tokens.
  • Price: 1 ETH = 1000 MFG
  • https://blockchain.syncfab.com/
  • Bitcointalk
  • Whitepaper


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