"TIP Blockchain" User friendly cryptocurrency is here! ICO LIVE.

TipBlockchain is a platform on the third-generation blockchain, which aims to connect users to peer-to-peer networks and sellers through ready-made payment solutions that greatly simplify transactions using cryptocurrency.

One of the numerous solutions presented by the company is a simple and user-friendly cryptocurrency address, which will be easily used around the world. Tip Blockchain believes that user-friendly addresses are the first step towards the massive introduction of crypto currency. It is similar to the IP address on the Internet. Another service offered by the platform is the binding of transaction metadata to the blockchain. This allows users to add data of their choice during the transaction of cryptocurrency.

The data sent through this process can only be decrypted by the owner of the private key. This will help create a search and indexed platform where anyone can search for anyone who leads to the discovery of new content and people on the network.

Creating Dapps will be one of many applications where developers can develop custom fields. The P2P messaging feature will be available on the digital wallet developed by the platform. Text, video, audio and other formats are provided for people on the platform. The application is specifically designed for retailers with many functions, including transaction management and order management.

Social payment is another concept used on a platform where you can easily send a cryptocurrency to your friend. Tip Protocol is the basic protocol on which the Tip network node operates, and in Tip Blockchain many types of transactions are possible.

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