"TokenUnion" ICO LIVE.

TokenUnion is a project that will not only help to make working with crypto currencies profitable, but also to offer a new, really high level of security for each user, and also help to make a profit. Despite the existence of a complex and modern technical base, experts and project developers themselves recommend that beginners work with him directly, at least at the stage of familiarization.

Through separate parts of the system management it is planned to realize a reward for those who own the Etherium or any other token of the ERC20 standard.
This application provides investors with the opportunity to keep their funds safe and receive additional profit. Let's try to figure out how this works.

Special attention is paid to the model of receiving remuneration. Any token can be added to the listing. The main thing is that the coin should be referred to the ERC20 standard. For convenient and safe storage of money and information, the Bancor protocol will be used. Just imagine: for you allocated 1000 UNI as a bonus. The promotion of users is planned as follows: 60% will be transferred to BAT, another 40% will be transferred through OMG. Accordingly, 600 UNI will fall on your working "smart" contract, and 400 more coins in the equivalent of OMG cryptoactivity. This approach will help "beat off" all costs associated with commissions within the project.

  • Solidity - if it's a server part.
  • JavaScript if the user interface is meant.

It is the interaction of the listed protocols that makes it possible to provide a unified standard of the "smart" contract Reward DAO, and it effectively interacts with the logical chain of steps of each user. The next stage involves scrupulous work with the data and, if necessary, their processing. At this stage, remuneration, commissions and similar costs are calculated and formed. In the end, you will be presented with only one number - a fixed amount of UNI.

The user interface, like the server software, is constantly being processed and optimized, their architecture is regularly changed for the better. This approach will allow investors improved, functional access to the ecosystem and will happen in the foreseeable future.

The structure of the contract Reward DAO differs in a protected order of operation, which allows to guarantee the confidentiality of any data of users of the platform.

What are the main advantages of the project?
In their list I want to highlight:

  • Original idea and worthy implementation.
  • Ability to access from a virtual or mobile version of the application.
  • Wallet, featuring advanced features.
  • Interaction with other systems and tools.
  • Guarantee of profit. It should be noted that only those users who own the local currency can receive it.

The official name of the "local" token is UNI. Consider buying a token as an investment is only partly because there will not be direct dividends from such coins, but it is possible to use them to pay off the commission when using the system. After each total 100 percent partition of income, the platform does not charge for its own benefit a single percentage of users' money.

In simple terms, here you can exchange any crypto currency, while getting the transaction value (commission for the operation) back. Agree, a fairly new and interesting idea.

To summarize, I would like to say the following: the existing diversity in the world kriptovalyut confuses and prevents you from determining when it comes to making a profit in the context of this market. Despite the complexity of its own structure, TokenUnion allows you to combine all the tokens created by the ERC21 standard and use them conveniently and simply. Yes, the user will have to spend a certain amount of time studying the project, but the opening prospects and the very idea of this platform are worth paying attention to.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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