"Ubcoin" ICO LIVE.

Ubcoin Market is a flexible ecosystem based on the blockchain, which helps to easily exchange physical and real goods for cryptocurrency. Thanks to this platform, people can easily use their crypto currency in real time.

Ubcoin Market is a project based on a blockchain that develops an intelligent ecosystem that allows you to invest and withdraw cryptocurrency, buying and selling real goods and services on the platform. Ubcoin Market was founded by the same team that founded Ubank earlier. Ubank is the leading payment application in Eastern Europe, which currently has 2.5 million users, 16+ million downloads around the world, and it was pre-installed on Samsung and Fly phones.

Ubcoin Market uses blockchain technology to create an easy-to-use tool that solves the problems of people who want to enter the world of crypto-investments without problems, as well as the problems experienced by participants in the blockchain who need a convenient way to increase their "crypto state." Ubcoin Market will conduct a detailed preparatory study of selected national markets to adjust its product development strategy for local crops. Ubcoin Market has already concluded a partnership agreement with the Singapore investment fund Amereus Group, which is indeed a significant event for the further development of the project.

"Asia is the most promising market for the development of our business, we believe that it is in these countries that our product will be the most popular. That's why we are very happy to become partners of the Amereus Group investment fund, which is ready to provide financial support, as well as give a full assessment of the various national markets of the continent, "says Felix Khachatryan, CEO and co-founder of Ubank and Ubcoin Market.

Amereus Group is the third major investment fund that supports Ubank: in 2013, Ubank received an investment of $ 8 million from Runa Capital, and in April 2018 - an undisclosed amount of funds from Inventure Partners.

The Ubcoin Market is open for cooperation with other investment funds and pools targeting the ICO market and encourages them to contact the project now, at the stage of selling the tokens, when the partners of the project are guaranteed particularly favorable conditions.

The Ubcoin Market team prepared an analysis of the main reasons why some governments are struggling with bitkoynam and altokkony and why others are doing the opposite. The main reasons for the banning of tokens are rushy national economies, which create national cryptocurrencies, too much energy and space expended for the mining of cryptocurrencies, and political regimes close to totalitarian ones. And the reasons why some governments support the cryptocurrency are in additional taxation, a move towards a modern economy and relative stability and security of bitcoins.

Many people tend to believe that a complete lack of government regulation will benefit the industry. Nevertheless, despite all the advantages, such as an easy process in conducting an ICO and little government intervention, the libertarian approach of laissez-faire has a serious drawback. This approach makes the ICO industry a safe haven for fraud. Therefore, the cryptocurrency economy should be legal to effectively deal with all types of shadow activities, from money laundering to financial bubbles.

The name of the token is UBC.
The price of the token in the Pre ICO is 1 UBC = 0.00005 ETH.
The price of the token in ICO is 1 UBC = 0.00009 ETH.
During the ICO bonuses and Bounty are available.
Platform - Ethereum.
ETH is accepted for payment.
The minimum investment is 0.01 ETH.
Soft Cap - 2.000 ETH.
Hard Cap - 63.000 ETH.


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