"Usechain" The Firsr Self-Sovereig Identify Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

Hello friends and guests of my Golos blog. In this article i wanna introduce you project Usechain.

The world does not stand still and the victorious march of Blockchain technology on the planet is becoming more bold, more decisive. Projects working on the blockchain - more every day. But even the best and most worthy idea is not immune from problems and shortcomings. The drawbacks of blockchain are traditionally attributed:

  • Decentralization has not yet become complete.
  • It is difficult to call the system 100% safe.
  • The problems of the scale of the project are also quite acute.

The described problems are not the only ones, but they are the key ones and cause serious trouble for users. It is they who are trying to solve the project, which we will talk about today. Definitely, it is worthy to tell about it more in detail today.

What is this project?
In simple terms, this project is a full-fledged, mirror-like ecosystem, equipped with a blockchain identifier. There are a lot of application scripts here, each of them is interesting in its own way and worthy of users' attention. It would seem: the blockchain of projects is already quite a lot, why is the market in its current state one more? The answer to the question is quite simple: existing projects are far from perfect, and the very fact of creating this site is a huge step on the way to the ideal.

One can not help saying that the platform in question is really suitable for both private individuals and for deeper, more technological application. The covered area is practically unlimited and very multifaceted: from the sphere of banking structures to the largest "players" of the world of insurance services and state organizations.

Development of the project started in 2016 (at the time of writing the survey - June 2018), the main work on the site was completed in 2017. To work out possible scenarios, active, consistent and versatile cooperation with numerous partners of the project was built.

The key objective of the project (in any case, one of them) is the security of each user, unconditional and guaranteed. Achieving a balance between total security and performance is not easy, but it is quite realistic. In this case, solve this problem with Randomize PoW.

From a technical point of view, Usechain is an original platform that works on the basis of the blockchain. Its main purpose, the main goal is to identify a person's identity and securely link his personal data to any necessary services. By "necessary services" it is necessary to understand wallets for working with cryptocurrencies, applications, insurance services and other tools that a person uses daily. High-speed and secure transactions and effective mining here too.

Speaking about the main functions of the site, I would like to note:

  • Significant increase in AO - hardware.
  • High level of protection of personal information. This feature is achieved through the use of blockchain as the technical basis of the platform.
  • The system of identification of the person, realized in the boundary form.

What are the advantages of using the RPOW consensus algorithm?
The creators of the project in question insist that this algorithm provides the maximum level of decentralization and this statement is not divorced from the truth. The probability of miner's mining of the next blockchain is determined in a random order that is not legible. In practice, this feature forms the same probability for each miner to get his blockchain, which in itself is quite convenient and important.

It is curious that the complexity of mining will vary depending on the level of the user. While the user is a novice, it will be easier to extract the crypto, but once a high level is reached, the extraction will become more complicated, which will ensure decentralization.

The project token was named UST. The coins of this platform fully comply with the requirements of the ERC20 standard. The total number of tokens is 20 billion. The sale will receive 45% of this amount. You can pay tokens by Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The collected funds are planned to be distributed as follows:

  • 5% of the profit will be spent on the launch of the project.
  • 20% of the funds will go to the marketing development of the platform.
  • 6% will receive advisers and project consultants.
  • 10% will go for further development and support of the working state of the platform.
  • 35% of the profits will go to pay wages to project staff.
  • The risk fund plans to replenish 20% of the profit.

What is the team that leads the project?
To date, the team that leads the project consists of 10 experienced specialists. Professors, teachers, gurus of economics and marketing - that's who leads the project. You can see photos and names of site managers below, many of these names are known in the world.

Summing up, I want to say about this platform: according to the author of this article, the considered project is not only curious, rather original and revolutionary in its own way, but also a very promising platform that has already attracted the attention of a huge number of people from various corners of the world. Blokchain not only integrates confidently into the life of modern people, but resolutely breaks into it. Yesterday's opponents and critics of this technology are increasingly becoming its allies.

In fact, this project is aimed at acquainting as many people around the world as possible with the blockchain and its capabilities.

diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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