"USERVICE" Global Decentralized Blocchain Platrorm For Automotive Industry. Part 1. ICO LIVE.

The modern car market has many problems. We will focus only on the most important of them:

Opacity between the individual participants
This problem was described by Nobel laureate J. Akerlof in the work "The market of lemons": market mechanisms and the uncertainty of quality ". In it, the economist detailed the working processes of such markets, where either party to the transaction (seller or buyer) is much better informed about its subject than the other. Similar markets have been defined as "markets with asymmetric information." Their characteristic feature is the constant fear of the buyer for the seller's dishonesty and the fear associated with this aspiration to the maximum possible reduction of their own risks. The average buyer is not able to distinguish between a good car and a substandard vehicle, and this makes him strive to pay as little as possible. As a result, there is an almost constant decrease in the average price of motor vehicles. At the same time, low prices determine the equally low quality of cars sold / purchased, which results in the squeezing out of the market of sellers offering high-quality cars at higher prices.
With the help of the Uservice platform, this problem can be solved by providing completely identical information to both parties to the transaction, both on the market and on individual transactions there.

Lagging of the market of car-care services in the organization level
Unlike other markets associated with the auto industry, for example, taxis, which already use global automation tools like Yandex-taxis or Uber, car-care centers continue to work in the old-fashioned way, where the decisive role usually remains for the human factor. As a result, car owners in search of an acceptable option have to personally analyze the car-care centers of their city, which takes time.
Uservice can change this situation and necessarily change it!

No mobile apps
In order to save your own time, more people are switching to mobile formats to solve a variety of issues. As for the auto industry, Uservis will become practically the world standard, since other mobile solutions are simply not available. Planned to create a product that can provide the car owner with all the necessary options for the entire period of use of the car.

Low efficiency of analysis of information received
Any modern car is, among other things, a very intensive information flow generator. All kinds of sensors, sensors, recorders, etc. continuously remove and analyze huge amounts of information. Here and the current location of the vehicle, the speed and direction of its movement, data on the technical condition of virtually every detail, etc. etc. A competent analysis of all these data can bring enormous benefits to all car market participants, including automakers, insurers, banks, car owners themselves.
The proposed platform will significantly improve the collection of information and the quality of its analysis in the automotive industry.

Security of payments
All existing forms of non-cash payments carry some risks. The proposed platform will ensure minimization of such risks and the highest level of payment security through the use of a decentralized blockchain system.

The search for auto parts and various accessories, the organization of their delivery, as well as pricing
Quite a lot of car owners themselves are engaged in the search and purchase of spare parts for their vehicles. An even greater number of car enthusiasts personally purchase various accessories. But it is quite difficult for car enthusiasts to understand the vast market of auto parts and make the best choice for themselves.
Proposed, specialized under the features of the car market, the platform will help every car enthusiast in finding the necessary detail (the desired accessory) and determining the most appropriate option for the price, delivery time, forms of payment.
In this case, as a supplier can act as a car service, and other vendors registered in the system. The security and reliability of transactions is guaranteed. You can pay "tokens".

There is no clear system of ratings based on the opinions of consumers
Yes, now there is no such system, but the platform offered by us will allow to form ratings of car market participants on the basis of customer feedback. The Blockchain system will allow all participants to track the processes of formation and change of ratings, which guarantees objectivity and accuracy.






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