"USERVICE" Global Decentralized Blocchain Platrorm For Automotive Industry. Part 2. ICO LIVE.

All the above-mentioned (and some other) problems can be solved with the help of the Uservice block-platform, which can unite all car market participants on a single platform, including consumers (motorists, trucking enterprises, etc.) with suppliers of products and services (automakers, dealer centers , insurers, auto services, spare parts suppliers, etc.).

By connecting to this global platform, all participants receive opportunitiesfor direct interaction, which will increase the safety and efficiency and transparent of all business processes in the industry. There are long-term plans for a similar merger of participants in the aviation and water transport markets. The platform uses Blockchain technology, based on the Ethereum smart contact, that can provide absolute transparency of the company's operations. The interface is designed for maximum convenience and ease of integration of real business processes in the platform. The main task of the platform is to ensure the solution of any issues that arise with the motorist when operating his vehicle during the entire period of its use. And one of the most important directions, of course, is the organization of supply / purchase of spare parts. The platform will establish new standards of relationships between all market participants from the usual motorist to a large car concern. It is the introduction of a platform with the use of block technology that will solve one of the most urgent problems of the global automotive industry , which consists in dominance in the market of substandard counterfeit, contraband and simply counterfeit components, spare parts, auto accessory in and consumables. Doja of such, made without a license and proper quality control, of goods in the car market reaches 70%. This situation is unacceptable, because it is affected by bona fide manufacturers and suppliers, as well as car owners who buy low-quality products for decent money. The global platform will allow to organize the inspection of each product, be it a separate part, accessory, prefabricated unit, etc., with confirmation ( or refutation) of its originality. Technology blocking it allows. Records of the history of each part with all operations and movements will be made in the system automatically. And reliability of storage and information protection is guaranteed by the logic of the architecture of the decentralized information exchange and data storage system. Each officially produced item will be supplied with a unique code, and all its way will be tracked until delivery to a specific consumer. The system not only makes it possible to verify the authenticity of a particular part, but also shows which machine it was installed on and how long it serves. CompetitivenessThe main competitive advantages of the option of toensail offered by Uservice are: 1) The project unfolds from an already operating business, and, accordingly, on a real product. Such projects with access to the token, where there is already a real product - only 20% of the total. The remaining 80% of tomsails are bare concepts without real filling, which is very risky to invest in. The team creates a universal platform on the basis of the already very successful project www.uremont.com with high positive dynamics. This allows you to offer potential investors the most favorable terms. 2) The Uservice team already enjoys the trust of some large investors, and cooperates with them. So, the investment fund Nakamoto Capital, several exchanges of crypto-currencies and some institutional investors have already agreed to start investing in the project during the token. UST's tokens During the token-day, UST-tokens are planned to be sold at a fixed price. The release of one billion tokens is expected, of which 56% will be sold during the token-day period, and 4% - during the presale. Of the remaining 40%, 10 will be shared by the members of the team, 20 will go to support the work of the platform. The remainder of 10% of the tokens will be distributed among our advisors and members of the bounty program. The basis for the UST-token will be the Ethereum platform with the standard ERC20 interface, allowing any of the token-users to use any Ethereum client like MyEtherWallet, Mist, etc.


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