Hello dear subscribers. Today I will tell you about one of the successful ICO. Bravo platform should become a payment system with no weaknesses.

Bravo is a system based application for making anonymous mobile micropayments. This application is very convenient for payment of tips, as well as for P2P payments.

Bravo app was officially launched in 2015. Literally from the very beginning, the application has become popular among users. Also, the audience award in San Francisco.

Bravo application is software that is already 3 years old. As soon as this program was launched on the American market, it contained a fixed currency. But without thinking twice, the team decided to launch its own token.

Bravo development team wants to further develop not only in the US but also outside. Only thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology and provision of tokens, based on this, completely anonymous and secure transactions will be carried out.

The more current platforms are being deployed, the worse their design and user-friendly interface will be. Many applications and platforms today have a rather complicated management process, and they are completely inconsistent with anonymity and security.

Token Name: BVO.
Token type: ERC20.
The cost of the BVO token is: 1 BVO = $ 0.10.
Hard cap: $ 34,700,000.
Soft cap: $ 10,000,000.

What advantages does the project offer?
We have already analyzed the idea of this project and therefore it is time to talk in more detail about its merits. When using the functionality, you can discover completely new possibilities. Now every user can easily:

  • Using GPS to find users of the platform who are nearby. Also here will be presented the numbers of users and their contact information.
  • Everyone will be able to evaluate their favorite sellers, shops or musicians.
  • Save and view transaction history. This provides a great opportunity to track and analyze your own trends and expenses.
  • You can register by email. The registration process takes only a few seconds.
    In order to start sending or receiving funds instantly, you need to add a bank account or credit card.
  • Now you can fully and automatically send and receive payments. This is made possible through the use of a scalable hybrid chain.
  • Each user of the platform will be able to use technology that ensures complete confidentiality of each user.
  • This is the main list of features that have been built into a convenient application. You can get acquainted with them in more detail when using the application on your mobile device.

The development of the platform involved experienced professionals. The site contains their biography and links to profiles in social networks. Turning to social networks, you will notice that these are real people who are willing to spend all their strength on the development of a unique platform.

Based on the information provided in this article, it can be concluded that the site is indeed promising. In the near future, Bravo site experts plan to achieve global impact and grow significantly, even outside the United States. To invest in this project, you will need to go to its official website.



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