"Yumerium" Play, review and share to earn game platform by Blockchain token economy. ICO LIVE.

Yumerium is a platform for buying games like Steam, GoG and many others. But, unlike other similar sites, the founders of the Yumerium platform enable their users to earn crypto currency during the game. Gaining various achievements during the game process, you will receive a YUM token. This site will give weighty support to the developers of computer games, as well as convert the user's playing time into currency.
Based on official data in white paper, one can understand that the basic principle of the site is the system of earn-to-play. And this means only that the motivation for players will be a long pastime in the game to increase the free period for the used product.

It is also worth noting that many games use their in-game currency. In-game currency allows you to create in-game auctions, where players sell game items in exchange for currency or vice versa, buy for game currency. Do not forget that such auctions have a high demand among the community and almost always has positive feedback.

Basic goals.
The main goal of this site is to help game developers and attract a large number of gamers. And in order to attract as many gamers as possible, the developers will be able to conduct various actions and contests, which can be found in more detail on the Yumerium website. In addition to the main goal, developers have many plans:

• Creating a better alternative to existing sites;
• Expand the game market and expand opportunities for gamers;
• Motivate gamers to play on the court as long as possible;

And thanks to the use of blocking and smart contract technology, the site has a decentralized payment system. In addition, transactions between gamers and developers pass, without any intermediaries.

The main advantages for users of the Yumerium platform.
When the work on the site is completed, each user will have access to such functions as:
• Developers will have access to the players' database;
• All users will receive YUM tokens that have real value;
• Owners of YUM tokens will have the opportunity to increase their profits through investments;

In order to attract and motivate gamers, developers will conduct various actions, which are connected with writing reviews, watching videos and so on. Interested parties in such events will be encouraged to participate in them with YUM tokens. This method will very much help to create an active community and also to advance the site to the world market.

Details of the ICO.
Private sale - since March 25, 2018.
Pre-sale - since April 22, 2018.
Open sale - from May 13, 2018.

 Website: http://www.yumerium.com/

 diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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