ICO and Specifics of LocalCoinSwap Project

LocalCoinSwap is not the only project that allows exchanging of cryptocurrency. However, this platform is advantageously different from competitors and allows its users to get the most benefit from cooperation with professionals.
Operational Basics
Requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming more stringent, so it is most important to provide users with favorable conditions. LocalCoinSwap stands out thanks to the following reasons:

  1. Traders’ services costs are minimal. Registered users can conduct peer-to-peer transactions, which will completely eliminate intermediaries who make the process slower and more expensive.
  2. The widest choice of cryptocurrencies. The platform also introduced the most convenient way of payment, which increases the overall variability. LocalCoinSwap works with many kinds of cryptocurrency, and in the future their number and variety will increase.
  3. The possibility of launching new projects within the platform. This approach allows quick development and implementation of innovative ideas.
    As part of P2P trading, the customers can make transactions directly with each other; it will not only increase their speed, but also can reduce the costs.
    It is important to note that LocalCoinSwap does not require personal data during registration process, which makes the platform as secure and cooperative as possible. Other decentralized exchanges that are represented in this market segment are highly fragmented, which does not allow customers to fully appreciate the advantages of such projects.
    Payment Transactions
    Here, payment transactions will be conducted with the use of internal token, which has long proved its consistency. It was called LCS and has already been realized among the users. An important aspect of the platform operation is the blockchain technology, which allows to increase the transparency of concluded transactions and their liquidity.
    This summer, the platform management plans to launch a financial history feature, so that each user can personally track his/her spendings. LocalCoinSwap is also advantageous for depositing user’s own funds, because in this case they are paid certain dividends.
    In total, the management has released 100 million tokens. It is safe to say that the number of digital units could be bigger, given the platform's potential.
    Pre-sale started on March 15th this year and showed good results, as well as the real public’s interest in this kind of project. Now, 1 ethereum costs 2500 tokens.

ICO Peculiarities
However, not all digital assets were sold. The development team kept about 10% of the total as a reward for their work. Also, the developers of LocalCoinSwap have introduced a system of incentives; it will encourage new users to actively participate in the platform work.
Unlike many other similar projects, the platform management wants to work with the maximum variety of cryptocurrencies that exist today. This approach is an opportunity to make real changes and create conditions for the widespread distribution of digital assets.
Thus, LocalCoinSwap is a project that is really interesting for both investors and ordinary users. Given the fact that the need for reliable and stable conversion will continue to grow, it can be assumed that the prospects of the project are cheerful.
It is especially nice to know since the cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular among the users, because millions of people have already appraised the benefits of fast transactions with minimal losses (time and financial). Despite the fact that the situation on the market is changing rapidly, it seems LocalCoinSwap is one of the most stable projects, the interest in which will not fade. It is extremely important for its developers not to stop at what has been achieved and offer customers more and more new products to stand out against competitors even more.
WEBSITE - http://www.localcoinswap.com/

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