New Approach to Personal Data Security with Remme

The problem of cybersecurity in the modern world is becoming more urgent. Because of the destructive actions of hackers, every year the global economy misses about 400 billion dollars. Given the fact that the attackers come up with new schemes every time, we can surely say that these losses will only increase in future.
In the 21st century, cybercrime became one of the main threats to humanity, which is why it is necessary to start solving the problem right now. Thanks to the Remme project, there is an opportunity to completely give up on passwords and ensure the account security through the use of blockchain technology.
Peculiarities of the Innovative Project
The main advantage of the project is prevention of phishing, which attackers use to hack up to 90% of all passwords. Despite the fact that Remme is hardly an innovator in this segment of the market, it was this project that managed to stand out against the background of competitors.
The special REM marker allows to easily manage various transactions directly inside the ecosystem and negate different types of attacks. Such an approach is a chance to keep millions of accounts and terabytes of personal information secure. Also, the marker makes it possible to:
• create a unique certificate for each user;
• nullify the nodes responsible for the network security;
• control simultaneously a whole set of transactions.
Such services is a sure sign that the developers have responsibly approached the task assigned to them.
Each user can personally see the advantages of this progressive project. The most important advantage is security and reduction of costs spent on security-related measures. Now the users can not worry about the personal data security, even when they lost their device. The most important thing is the complete absence of passwords and long combinations, which were very difficult to memorize.
Сentralization of the system will not be an issue, too; previously it did not allow the full protection against attackers. At the moment, if the fraudster got an account’s password, he/she actually received unlimited access to the stored information. However, thanks to Remme, the situation will be changed.
Safety and Security for Everyone
User information is collected immediately after the registration procedure. The data are stored in a blockchain where they are securely protected. A lexical attack or phishing is not capable of damaging and stealing the personal data, so the user can enjoy all the benefits around the clock.
Remme solves the issue of centralizing information, too. Previously, it was enough for the attackers to hack only one service and get unlimited access to millions of files; however, now it’s a thing of the past. Each user is given a unique certificate, information from it can only be received by the owner. A multi-stage verification system completely excludes possible hacking.
Blockchain technology adds up to the security, too; it has long proved its own consistency when working with cryptocurrencies, and now it enters the market of cybersecurity. Now security and predictability at each stage attract millions of users. The next-generation blockchain is invulnerable to hacker attacks and blocks the system completely in case of unauthorized access. At the moment this is the only real option of 100% privacy on the Internet.
The problem of personalization and protection of personal data in modern world is as acute as ever. Thanks to the work of the professionals, it is possible to find a solution that fully meets all the requirements of the users.
It is important to note that the developers are ready to adjust their work based on market requirements. Given that these criteria are changing very quickly, this is the only right step for those who want to provide quality services.
Remme Growth Prospects
Last fall the project held its tokensale, and it showed pretty good results. The bulk of the proceeds was aimed at further development of the platform and creating quality products that fully meet market requirements.
In the real world, the implementation is not as fast as it could be, however, Remme has already gained the affection of users from all around the world. Thanks to the individual approach and the ability to control security around the clock, this project is able to teach its competitors a thing or two and become the flagship of this market segment. However, the means and mechanisms of security need regular improvement, because the attackers also do not stand still and come up with new ways to violate personal accounts and corporate databases.
Thus, at this stage the project is gradually increasing its capacity and attracting customers. You can follow the progress of the team of professionals both on the official Internet portal and in social networks. They announce not only about starts and closings of sales, but also talk in more detail about the security features of various gadget or the system.
The sign-up procedure on the portal will take a few seconds, in return after the registration you can not worry about your personal information any more.

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