Uncloak: New Project in Solving Problems of Cybersecurity

Uncloak is a new project aimed at eliminating key cyber threats of our time. A special feature of the development is the use of artificial intelligence, which will help achieve the main goals:
• security provision;
• prevention of hacker attacks;
• enhancement of new users integration.
Nowadays, the cybersecurity in the world is in an obvious crisis. First and foremost evidence of it can be seen in regular reports, telling us about the existing difficulties. Both ordinary users and large international companies have encountered the problem of identity thefts.
New Solution Approaches with Uncloak
Uncloak allows you to always keep your eyes on the events. The basis for the operation of the project is a blockchain technology. Many of you have definitely heard of its main advantages — security and speed of operations. Thanks to Uncloak, it is possible to scan potentially vulnerable computers and warn their owners against possible losses.
The platform is well integrated, which allows it to attract more new experts whose knowledge will help in solving the current market problems. Professionals’ acquisition is a profitable strategic step, because despite the fact that many people deal with the problem of cybersecurity, there are many amateurs among the employees of similar projects who simply can not help at the right time.
Experts will receive reward for the services they provid. Thus, it will be possible to establish a mutually beneficial exchange, the benefit of which will effect millions of users from all over the globe. Naturally, such cooperation will not be free of charge, and each of the cybersecurity specialists will receive an appropriate reward. In turn, they will provide prompt and relevant information that will solve the encountered problems.
The need for such a project has existed for a long time, however, a full-fledged launch was made possible only after the development of technology. The requirements for cybersecurity are regularly updated and complexified, so all users are interested in stable and dynamic development of the platform. At the same time, the threats are taking on new forms that are difficult to structure and classify, but thanks to Uncloak's team even new hacker attacks will not be much of a challenge.
At the moment the full operation of the project is postponed. Uncloak will be fully available by the middle of summer.
Project’s Success Factors
The major factor that contributes to the success of the project is the actual need for such a platform. The available resources are not enough to ensure the security and stability of the performed operations. Thanks to Uncloak it will become history forever. Here an individual approach is used to solve each individual problem, which allows to achieve the maximal result.
After realization of the first batch of tokens, the creators of the project will try to popularize it further. For this, a marketing campaign is being conducted, which is designed to attract new users and to convey information about Uncloak to the general public.
If you want to join the professionals, it will be possible during the ICO stage, which will be held from June 26th to July 3rd this year. It is planned to realize more than 4 billion tokens. The number is huge, but considering the growing needs of the market, it sounds quite realistic.

WEBSITE - https://uncloak.io/
Telegram group - https://t.me/uncloakio

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