MEMORITY | Decentralized Data Storage Platform.

We continuously create and store data. Our thirst for data is unquenchable. Increasing storage sizes prove the rapidly expanding nature of data-hungry entities. Business and corporations require huge data storage facilities for the smooth processing of their business goals. Data is the source of all the information and decision making power in the corporation. People need a safe and secure place where they can store their data. Of all the features available on the platform, providing decentralized storage is the best one because it minimizes the risk of theft and hacking. I think that given the rise in the blockchain-based applications in the market, we will see more application in the different fields related based on the blockchain technology.

Many companies have already begun the research and development in the decentralized technology. The concept will become full proof and accepted in the market once the credible and useful applications related to the blockchain technology are launched in the market.


Memority is the new platform offering decentralized data storage facility to the individuals and corporations. Blockchain technology is being utilized on the platform to provide ultra security to the data stored. Data encryption takes place to provide complete security on the platform. Users can only view their data with the private key. To save users from the sudden or accidental loss of data, the platform makes multiple copies of the data which is then stored at totally unrelated locations.

Data validation, data authenticity and data integrity are maintained on the platform. There are many advantages on the platform such as protection from useless cluttering of data, cryptocurrency payment, third-party support, free data storage availability and complete anonymity. It also offers users a chance to become data hoster by downloading a simple application. Anyone can become the data hoster, and earn cryptocurrency in his wallet on the platform. Cryptocurrency tokens are being paid by the participants who wish to store data on the platform. Proof Of Authority consensus protocol is employed on the platform which consumes less power. Lower fees for the data storage are another key benefit on the platform.

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