Capverto-Banking for the future

CAPVERTO Exchange is a pioneering financial platform that combines the domain name of paper money and electronic money. Its special design revolves around the CAPVERTO Tokens (CAP) and international prepaid cards, extending digital currency revenues to populations that are often excluded from traditional banking. Via the CAP add-on token, it offers a rich and intuitive online banking experience.
The CAPVERTO prepaid card is a bridge between fiat money and electronic money. Each cardholder receives a CAP extension token corresponding to the level of the card purchased, starting at $ 100 for the basic green card. As with regular payment cards, CAPVERTO cards can be used for in-store and online purchases, while up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in CAP, affecting the value of the code. newspaper. There is also an official rewards system that allows direct discounts at affiliate merchants.


CAPVERTO makes it easy to track and copy the transactions and portfolios of others. Transactional transcription for beginners is an easy way to get started, while also affecting the value of the CAP token. Ten percent of the profit from each duplicate transaction is automatically deducted and split between the original trader and CAPVERTO Exchange, respectively, reinvested in CAP. Along with other effects on the CAP as transactions from the card program, the replication transaction ensures that the token value accurately reflects CAPVERTO production.
Copy platform transaction
CAPVERTO makes it easy to follow and copy the exchanges and portfolios of others. Copying for new participants is easy to get started, and also affects the value of the CAP token. Ten percent of the profit of each copy operation is automatically deducted and split between the original operator and the CAPVERT exchange, which in turn reinvests it in the CAP. Along with other CAP influences, such as card program transactions, replication ensures that the value of the token accurately reflects the production activity in CAPVERTO.

Electronic money insurance
One of the first incentives of this type, the CAPVERTO electronic money insurance product gives you peace of mind that your most valuable assets are safe to steal. Inspired as a response to the historic violation of Monte. Gox Exchange in Tokyo, this insurance is provided through a partnership with RiskPoint. It works in conjunction with other protection measures including authentication, KYC authentication, AML authentication and 2-factor authentication to avoid multiple network security threats.

About Capverto:
Comprehensive management of account structures is a tool for monetary development and poverty reduction. Without full access to nonmanagement bank account managers should refer to the point of sale, such as the micro-credit system and banks on payday to meet the needs. Demand for their liquidity, regardless of high interest rates, charging and storage, and provide greater than the adaptability of such elections.

Non-bank loans require more attractive, more adaptable options.

In this respect, electronic forms have an impressive guarantee. They do not need the stupendous structure and management that often come together, and their MOS members do not have to have large electronic money or face-to-face travel with any job in the industry - like normal obstacles for non-bankers.

Smart contract expands:
CAPVERTO provides an open source framework for building custom blockchain applications. Take a look at our GitHub archive today to find out how you can leverage our smart contracts to build private and authorized public archives; Smart contract technology is at the heart of modern electronic money, delivering the transparency, immutability, and encryption required for an optimal experience.

Card details:

Price 1 = 1.82 USD CAP
MVP / Prototype: Available
Operating System: Ethereum
Accepted: ETH
Soft cover: 1.125.000 CAP
Hardcover: 171.375.000 CAP
Country: Denmark
Whitelist / KYC: KYC & Whitelist

The CAPVERTO Exchange provides an ICO aimed at those who do not have banking services or inferior banking services, ensuring that they have the opportunity to take advantage of unique electronic money. Surrounding the world of fiat money and cryptocurrency by combining an international program of prepaid cards involving banking functions and creative trade as the CAP card's CAP. All features of CAPVERTO
This is a potentially interesting project.
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Bitcoin Talk Username: Dobrii
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=441120
Ethereum Adress: 0xf7115122Ab331C9d3490f0F453e79Da158c77400

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