Asobi Coin Project Preview

I am glad to present a new revolutionary project that will change the world.
The concept of ASOBI COIN is digital content trade on distributed secondary market.

What is a Platform

ASOBIMO is that the platform for in-game things within ASOBI MARKET. Gamers can purchase or sell in-game virtual things singly or through a game publisher. Asobimo conjointly known as DApps that offer a distributed secondary content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). the blockchain that may offer undeniable proof of content possession.

With the platform Asobimo, secure game item exchange, fair, and trendy marketplace for all types of games and virtual merchandise. you furthermore may are going to be ready to purchase and sell digital content, like comics, game things and music that you simply wish to share with others.

The current digital content services do not give licenses to users, which makes it impossible to resell or when a service closes down, the users lose their content.
The current Digital Rights Management (DRM) is still incomplete and it is difficult for private users to use it.
Digital contents is most times too easy to copy.
The original publishers of used contents don't get profits when their items are sold on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.
This era we are currently in is known as the new blockchain economic era, hence, Content users, creators and publishers in asia, and the rest of the world needs a secondary market where they can easily redistribute and trade digital contents without hassles.


ASOBI market makes users the owners of licenses (full ownership), guaranteed through decentralized security system. A secure secondary digital content trade with ABX tokens is also made possible on the platform.
The platform bridges the gap between the centralized and decentralized world. Users can buy and sell numerous digital contents easily and request that the sold amount be automatically transferred to their ASOBI wallet as ASOBI coin.
Purchasing and exchanging contents happens on
the Ethereum blockchain resulting in a safe and satisfactory transaction.
DRM and content streaming take place off-chain.
Publishers will enjoy enhanced market transparency and fair distribution of revenue shares.
Asobimo made DApps platform so that digital content on the secondary markets can be a valuable asset for all parties.
The platform provides a secured trading experience at a minimal cost and without friction.
The DApps made by Asobimo provides a distributed secondary content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). This blockchain technology provides irrefutable proof of content ownership for publishers

Advantages of the project

The already launched platform for trading in NAGA Virtual gaming items.
A serious team. By the way, the head of the team is the president of Asobimo Katsunori Kondo, which also speaks about the serious intentions of this ICO.
The implementation of the token not only for future ICO projects, but also for existing games of the company.
ASOBI COIN has serious partners: ethermon, axie infinity, buiguild.
Advisers in the person of The NAGA Group. This company has already conducted a successful ICO, which raised 50,000,000 USD. Some advisors from Japan, so these names are unlikely to say anything to us, but some of them are founders of large Japanese enterprises

About Asobi Market

ASOBI MARKET uses blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute second-hand content. The current digital content services do not give licenses to users, which makes it impossible to resell or when a service closes down, the users lose their content. At ASOBI MARKET the user owns the license, which we can guarantee through DRM, Decentralized Security System (DSS). This system enables a secure secondary digital content trade with ABX.

The Ecosystem

Everyone who will transact makes Asobi Coin. Transactions can be done by accessing the Asobi Market. You need to purchase tokens through a token sales event organised by the platform. After you have some tokens, you can easily have digital content available on the Asobi Market. At Asobi Market, you can sell digital content and sell and buy content from fellow users. Purchases can also be made quickly and quickly to increase your comfort when making transactions. When you make a manga purchase, you can also sell it back on the platform. This system can certainly make it easier for you to benefit from the sale of every book you have finished reading.

In addition to manga purchases, digital content that is no less profitable is the Game. You can play games through Asobi Market or games from other companies. When you use Asobi Coin in the Asobimo game, then you can have a value of 1 Asobi Coin equal to 0.01 USD. System development also continues to be carried out to provide the best service for users. The system will maximise the use of blockchain technology to provide the latest features to all users of the ecosystem. Every infrastructure on the platform will continue to be developed so that it can continue to have an up-to-date security system. With a decentralised network, it is expected that the system is more immune from scamming and has a more stable network. Get the latest information through Asobimo social media. Don’t miss details on selling tokens and get various conveniences from using ecosystems.

Token Allocation

Token information

Token: ABX

Platform: Ethereum

Token Price: 0.01 USD

Token for sale: 8,250,000,000 ABX (50%)

Token supply: 16,500,000,000 ABX

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH

Restricted countries: China, United States of America

Our Team



A great project for the future inspired by blockchain technology.
Huge and very strong team, such professionals can lead any project to success!

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