About Decoin

DECOIN is a token created on Blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to create a convenient, easy to use and fast exchange with a huge variety of currencies. The project promises to share profits with the holders of the platform tokens. The platform developers have created a unique security system that will allow the platform participants not to worry about the security of transactions.


Neither the website DECOIN, nor in their technical document does not describe what problems they solve. When reading them, however, it is obvious that they are concentrating their exchanges to address several issues that are currently affecting cryptocurrencies. These include:

  • Extremely large returns that cryptocurrency exchanges receive, and the resulting concentration of wealth among several major players;

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges are extremely vulnerable to hackers;

  • The asymmetry of knowledge among cryptocurrency investors;

  • The complexity of using cryptocurrency to buy goods and services.

No project has been able to provide a solution to these problems before . However, if the DECOIN team can solve these issues for their user base, their product will be very attractive to cryptocurrency users.


DECOIN aims to solve these problems by creating a Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that has integrated features that will solve the four problems highlighted above for their user base. These features include:

  • Their cryptocurrency (DTEP), which will redistribute income proportionally between the holders of the platform tokens. Profit is the income from the fees they charge on their site. The annual interest rate of the token is 6.2%.

  • The security of users on the platform meets the standards of the traditional financial market, namely: multi-level authentication and storage of the main amount of funds on the cold wallet.

  • The platform provides multilingual technical support to its users.

-An interesting advantage is the credit card of the platform. With its help, users can pay in digital currency for goods and services.

Let us hope that these functions will be properly implemented, then they will mainly solve many of the problems mentioned above.

The crypto world currently already has a huge number of cryptocurrency exchanges. This suggests that the DECOIN project already has a huge number of competitors.To become competitive, the project will require an innovative marketing company that will convince new and experienced cryptocurrency investors to use their platform.

Fortunately, the project will enter a large market that is expected to continue to grow as institutional investors and new retail investors enter the cryptocurrency scene for years. And with over $25 billion

currently traded every 24 hours, the project will have many opportunities to generate the trading volume needed for operation and expansion.


The project gathered a good team and advisors with extensive experience in the field of Finance, business, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


The weak points of the project at the moment is the lack of a detailed business plan. It is also expected that by the time the project is launched, many new cryptocurrency exchanges will be created, which will be able to provide decent resistance to the project, as well as the improvement of existing exchanges. The third problem is the lack of transparency in the description of the distribution of profits between coin holders: the business plan contains information only for the first two years and does not say anything about future plans.

While the project is somewhat hesitant in its business plan, they make up for this by having a strong team and a solution that can solve some of the key challenges currently facing the Cryptocurrency space.


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