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I made an article about this project and I consider that one will be not enough. Today I want to tell more profoundly and in details about a token, its details and the auction in the exchanges. I think, you could understand that I very strongly liked this project and I see in it huge prospects in the modern cryptoforeign exchange market. Let's begin!

Token of the project is DAX. At their project 2 billion were produced that isn't something huge, and it is very reasonable. If to make calculation, then it is possible to expect growth in 2 or by 3 times in such market that personally very much pleases me. Tokens are created on ERC-20 base, that is air. It means that it will be much more convenient to use these assets and for me it is personally very reliable.
The token bargains already at the exchange and it should be mentioned. Often happens that investors very long wait for entry into the exchange of the asset. On my memory, this time can reach months. Therefore I am very glad to tell that DAX token already is at the exchange and actively bargains there.

If you monitor the market of cryptocurrencies now, then with confidence you will tell that everything awfully fell, all assets give in for 10-15-25 percent. And it happened in only 2 days. I long traced the schedule of DAX and noticed that it though went down, but it isn't enough, in comparison with others. Before recession the price was $0,077100. And now about $0,070984 and I consider that such small correction, says that this token has the value and the involvement of its holders behind the back.
If ETF register cryptocurrency, then it is possible to expect steady growth of DAX with high confidence. Yes even if won't accept when the market ceases to frighten so, we will see the percentage growth of this token.
Now them маркеткап there are slightly more than $26 million. If there is a listing, then there will be growth of a token because to raise a turn. DAEX that platform of which I can be sure that LBank is not the last exchange for DAX.

If to speak about the exchange, then I will tell that before I wasn't really familiar with it. When studied the project, it was necessary and to understand that the cryptocurrency exchange LBank is. To my astonishment the exchange was very worthy. On it it is possible to be engaged comfortably in trade and I am confident in safety of storage of assets on it. DAX has 3 trade options that is very good. Not at each exchange, it is possible to exchange a crypt for Fiat, it is one more plus in a moneybox of this exchange. Also a turn on LBank makes more than 200 million dollars and DAX to be in the 20th place right now that is acceptable result for such short time.
In the future there will be a listing on the different perspective exchanges. It is already possible to eat some and I can make a mistake. Here the list of the exchanges which are a partner of DAEX

Analysis of prospects and conclusion
DAEX - it is unconditional very safe platform, the convenient tool for trade. Safety isn't really steady in the cryptocurrency world now and the idea of DAEX developers allows to understand that it is possible to create the platform in which it will be possible to store quietly the assets and not to be afraid for something. At them PUBLIC SALE didn't begin yet, but I am sure that they have every chance to collect Hard Cap. Date from September 9 to September 14.
Developers very much pleased with the professionalism and how they realize this not simple project.
Detailed information on the project:
Website: https://www.daex.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.daex.io/pdf/DAEX(EN)-TechnicalWhitepaper-V0.6.1.pdf
Author of the article:
Telegram: @woowoas (https://t.me/woowoas)
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1592884

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