AX1 — it is «the future of mining»

The plan itself AX 1 positions itself as «the future of mining». In my own note, I will demonstrate that the creators of the plan AX 1 wished to state these words. Let us begin our deepest acquaintance with the AX1 plan.

The theory of AX1 is to give holders of tokens the chance to gain revenue from the extraction of various cryptothermic means in the absence of any technical knowledge. AX1 token holders acquire a share in the centralized mining pool controlled from an advanced center for finishing these. AX1 gives holders of tokens the chance to take part in a managed operation in accordance with the extraction of crypto-currencies and recover retribution from the financial rights promised in accordance with the contract in the backpack of the coinage. After a minus of all costs and promises incurred by the issuer, according to the smallest measure, 50 percent of the price of mined coins will be located on a single account in order to return the assets of AX1 Tokens.

Finally, we own the following plan, which allows users to invest in the mining plan, because it seems to gain their own revenue from the number of extracted crypto currency. Just because, for example, the idea is not new, similar plans have met more than once. However, all their difference is in the quality of the services provided. In my own note, I try to present the difference between the AX1 plan and the other plans.

Review plan AX1 we start with their website. Getting on the Internet site, we immediately turn the interest in the fact that in this episode the first stage of the sale of tokens lasts, and when we join it we get especially 33% of the tokens. Quite interesting prescriptions for those who can invest in the long term, for these «early players». Investing at the moment, you are already getting a probable 33% revenue for the episode of the release of tokens on the stock exchange. To purchase AX1 tokens, you need to register on the website.

Right after all, I’m willing to talk about the White paper of the AX1 plan. The White Paper of the AX1 plan includes 22 pages. The whole content is registered in the British language, but it probably does not cause any special problems as it is allowed to use the automated translation from Google. In the White Paper the questioners of the plan are being opened, the plan of the AX1, how it originated and developed, how the idea of the plan originated originated. The questions of the concept of the AX1 plan, his team, the road map game, the question of selling the AX1 tokens are carefully opened. In addition, the creators of AX1 spend a lot of time discussing the issue of mining, its capabilities and the common need for the AX1 plan. More closely to the middle of White Paper, the elaboration of the AX1 plan, single thoughts and views, the research plan questions, is being carefully opened. The most thoroughly familiarized with White Paper you can on the website of the plan AX1, I just stressed the main issues of the plan.

Summarizing the result, I’m happy to say that the plan for the AX1 really appealed to me. Though the thought and in any way is not considered the newest, however how the plan AX1 goes to realization of the given thought and its embodiment in life probably causes a great respect and trust. The gang of the plan clearly understands its own target, what and how they wish to achieve. The entire team is made up of huge experts who have a tremendous experiment in researching different plans.


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