Cryptonia Poker — online poker based on the blockchain

It is allowed to greet all gamers, enthusiastic investors, and elementary lovers of card games. The provided platform, new in its own way, gives internet poker on the basis of the blockbuster!

Cryptonia Poker combines jitter in poker with transparency and the price of cryptocurrency in an online poker room, based on blockchain technology. Cryptonia is considered the official SLE on the platform. In the ICO (Initial Cryptonia Offerering), in which investors have every chance to purchase 75% of tokens. Of the others, 20% is reserved for promotions according to the service and tournaments that will increase the importance for buyers, and 5% will be made readily available to promoters, managers and advisors to renew the increasing importance for the Platform. In one difficulty, the firm issued 1 billion tokens before the title Cryptonia.

Cryptonia helps to avoid delays in the finishing of payments, still helps to create crystal-like quantities, providing true fun. A large fraction of software for poker generates random quantities, while they are based on a specific method, which is allowed to predict and apply. These random oscillators are called pseudo-random number of generators (PRNG).

Method of Monte Carlo: this method uses unintentional quantities of bodily everyday situations, but overlaps with the cyclical pattern of those values because they are in order. As if the sound is not at all messy, if you look at it, then there are quantities that have all the chances to exist by chance, however, the more quantity is due to the routine. Probably a beautiful example of PRNG. Hash-block method: probably a completely suicidal method, and it is allowed to just falsify it. If the miner believes that the price of the stake is much greater than the retaliation due to the block, they have every chance to drop the block, instead of the one to vote on it. There is still a risk, if there are very many cues connected between the main call and the final call for retaliation, the hash of the block gives a value of 0, if the number of the hash block exceeds 256.

Cryptonia Poker solved this problem by combining the classical and the advanced. In the following paragraphs describes how the provided RNG system works:

• Any investor and instructor are generating their own individual seeds
• These preparatory selective seeds of RNG from all investors and the server are intended and processed together in the generator of random quantities
• These of the RNG follow on intellectual contracts
• Investors have every chance to experience these about the actions of any player, grains and other fun transactions through a smart contract of fun on the block, recorded and exposed through constant intervals of time, to provide indisputability for just the process.

Therefore, the RNG is decentralized and the excellent speed of generation of quantities is supported. In Cryptonia Poker rooms, players have all the chances to play with Cryptonia, which are based on air-tokens. Cryptonia — probably the platform, launched for poker rooms. It will be listed on stock exchanges to supply such that users get importance in the hard currency they hold, and so that users can simply take or exchange funds, independently from such where they are.

IСO [10 April, 2018 - 01 Jul, 2018]


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