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The e-commerce economy and the supply chain are facing some difficulties: from long periods of hope for finishing payments due to exorbitant payments. In addition to this, it is difficult to track deliveries according to the supply chain, as it is divided into almost all delivery services, and because of this, the number of arbitrators increases, the final cost of the product is still increasing. In addition to this, there is a lack of transparency, as soon as the craft reaches the initial ones - it is not just generally available, faster, it often hides in these silos.

To solve these difficulties, Vanig's plan gives an ecosystem of e-commerce and supply chains, which, it is said, will be fed from the Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain notebook. His target is contained in the simplification of manual actions in the supply chain and the elimination of the need for intermediaries, as if he is preparing the most efficient supply systems, especially for e-commerce platforms. One of the features that the plan is required to implement is the tracking device, which allows users to track applications in real time. These traces are kept constantly and permanently on the block chain. Another 1 highlight, which must exist is available in the Vanig ecosystem - probably an instant board with the support of VANIG tokens. With this function, according to news, transactions will be eliminated, and, as payments become immediate, traders will be able to send products sooner. There is also the possibility of a peer-to-peer relationship between the main stakeholders in the supply chain; probably must allow manufacturers to reduce / destroy the commission intermediary services. In the case of a response, Vanig will have even the most effective process, consistent with the comparison with the status quo. It is said that the main information will be transferred to all interested sides through the block chain, eliminating all the narrow places that are all likely to exist due to asymmetry in the distributed information.

Vanig will have his own token, the ERC20 VANIG token. It is assumed that it will facilitate transactions in the present time in the ecosystem. Apart from this, the partners have a chance to get retribution in VANIGbecause of specific actions based on ecosystems, such as listing, acquisition, etc.

Powerful sides:

4 set partnerships (Wotan of which is associated with the alliance Ethereum Enterprise Alliance).
A powerful and well-knit brigade of adviser.
Well-overcrowded Internet society.
Not so long ago, the recent news shows that the e-commerce industry is growing.
Potential dangers for players:

The size of society is probably the result of the campaign because of 2 million bucks.
Most of the members of the team are currently working on other plans.
The token utility is of no interest in storing tokens.
Missing information about the transition period for team tokens.
Powerful contenders in place.
As long as there is a lack of a working product.


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