Casper API - decentralized data storage structure

With improvements in blockchain technology data is becoming increasingly valuable for users, and its volume in the network is growing every day. Accordingly, the question arises: where to store all this data? After all, storing data in a blockchain is very expensive and not always safe and confidential. It is this problem that developers of the Casper API project decided to solve.

In their opinion, there is one big problem in the modern blockchain-storage industry: the lack of a united "storage marketplace" that could allow users to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of existing platforms and interact with them with ease and convinience.

Casper API is a data storage system managed by smart-contracts, which can be integrated into decentralized applications. It works on the following principle:

  • The user sends a request to the Casper API to place the information in any chosen blockchain.
  • Casper API requests a free space to store the data from this blockchain smart-contract.
  • The smart-contract provides the address of the server where data can be placed.

Casper API saves all user's data on 4 servers at once, so if one of them fails, you can still access it. The data can be either encrypted or not, depending on the type of content and user's requirements.

It is noteworthy that private providers of "data storages" can be involved in the system operation as well as large data-centers. For providing free space, they will be able to receive a reward in CST tokens.

The main competitive advantages of Casper API architecture include:

  • Adaptability. Casper API allows users to use any blockchain system that supports smart-contracts and meets client's requirements.
  • Security. Security of data transferred for storage is ensured by the Zk-Snark algorithm and P2P protocol.
  • Availability. Casper API itself will offer blockchains for the most profitable data storage with minimal costs. In addition, the application will have an intuitive interface, which even a newcomer in the industry can cope with.

Casper API will use its own internal CST tokens, which can be used to pay for storing data in all the blockchains, as well as to purchase a franchise for the service provider. After the ICO, tokens will be freely traded on exchanges.

According to developers' claims, their tokens have non-speculative value - there will be a certain amount of data behind every coin. So, as the popularity of Casper API will grow, tokens' value and price will also grow. Developers promise that in the first year the CST price will increase two-fold.

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