Brand new social media based on blockchain technology?

A Solution for Asymmetry of Information & Realization of Fair Contract = Blockchain Technology
Fair distribution = token distribution based on system contribution 

The FORESTING Network is based on the creation of bitcoin and a philosophy shared by Satoshi Nakamoto and John Rawls on a more fair society. Accordingly, the FORESTING Network solves the asymmetry of the information that is prevalent in our society, pursues fair contracts, distributes them according to their ability, and shares active contributions with one another. The first chapter of this paper will be about the social media field, which has transformed people's values and lifestyles since the release of the iPhone in 2007.

The FORESTING Network is set up with three departments:

  • Blockchain rewarding Social media 'FORESTING
  • Digital banking services for FORESTING participants are transformed into a direct payment from the ‘FORESTING Bank’
  • The ‘FORESTING Lab’, providing infrastructures and supporting content creators. While each department’s respective functions and roles are separated, the core values of the FORESTING Network remain the same. They were designed in a structure in which they interact systematically and create synergies.  

At the heart of FORESTING Network’s three departments are the FORESTING users. The level of content delivery and platform involvement by the FORESTING user defines the scalability and impact of the FORESTING Network. The starting point for the FORESTING Network mechanism comes from the content providers and participants. It is also associated with the core value of the FORESTING Network, a fair world created by participants. 

Creating a unique credit rating system 

The purpose of FORESTING Bank is to support financial services that are required by users so that they can fully focus on creating the content at the center of the FORESTING Network. Users can contribute to the FORESTING platform through a variety of activities, including creating and providing content, writing comments, liking, and sharing. The contribution of users is evaluated using a new contribution assessment model presented by FORESTING Bank. Users will be provided with a variety of financial services depending on the contribution level on the platform which is based on the level of their connections, the quality of their content, coin acquisition, and transactions. Users can improve their credit ratings just by working on social networking sites, and have an amazing experience with broader economic potential. Users could not fully focus on content creation before. Some were categorized as selfemployed or had to suffer economic difficulties such as low income. Financial services from existing banks are based on income, money transactions and credit ratings. Therefore this platform will lead to better content creation, enhance the quality of the content across the FORESTING platform, and ultimately lead to a virtuous circle structure that extends the rapid expansion and impact of the FORESTING platform. 

FORESTING is available to anyone without prior knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Anyone in the world can easily profit from FORESTING, and just being active within the platform is rewarded with PTON. FORESTING, a new concept of social media, distributes the revenue generated by the content to all users who contribute to it. In FORESTING, content creators no longer have to rely on the funds from followers and advertisers. Instead, users can benefit economically just by getting ‘Likes' through the use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technologies enable users to support content creators without losing anything, and users can also tap on incentives to post comments to other content creators or to 'Like' them...

Telling everything about Foresting will take much more time. If you're interested by now, here is the roadmap of this project and below are some team members, just that you would understand how serious this project is:


Bitcointalk profile:;u=2296683
Bitcointalk username: wastyks
ETH: 0xb964CCecDe4663295503D93BCb4F4Ed3AB1c1489

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