What is Betform?

Guys invented a very cool concept, now I will tell you about it:
They want to offer you the most convenient and transparent, as well as a safe platform! With a million game blockchain! And also with a small fee for this pleasure! Where the pros of the business will be, and tournaments are held at a fantastic level!
The main token of the sale guys planned for January 8, 2019 year. So you still have time to buy these noticing and promising tokens!
These tokens will be able to pay for transactions! Also, the guys will have their own purse for convenience!
They want Betform Coin to be a payment instrument in all major industries of gambling business! And also complain about its huge growth! So the token will be sold and on the majority of decentralized exchanges, which will ensure its liquidity not only for players but also for the holder!
As well as game developers can spread their products on the platform!
In all, they will have 96 000 000 tokens, representing approximately 40.0% of the company's token, will be provided to the public.
The second part of the 105 250 000 tokens, representing approximately 43.9% of the company's total token, is reserved for private sale to investors.
13.5% of tokens will be spent on development, such as exchange and marketing, etc. that I am very competent!
The income of the gambling business is Colalny! And not very transparent! In general, the guys want this whole thing to adjust! And make a super app for everything! With maximum pluses! I think it's very cool!

Betform Public ICO will kick off on the 8th 2019 starting from 9PM Singapore Time .We will offer 40% of all Betform Coins to be created for purchase by the public in the Betform Initial Token Sale under the ticker symbol BFC. A further 43.9% of all Betform Coins to be created will be distributed to identified investors. The remaining 13.5% of Betform Coins to be created will be distributed to Betform’s founders, employees and early investors as an incentive to ensure long term alignment of interests and commitment to the tokens and their future value and also for future business development and development. Further details of the distribution of tokens are set out below.

Each Betform Coin will be sold for USD 0.10. There is a minimum purchase amount of 500 Betform Coins per purchase.


Token : BFC

PreICO Price 1 BFC = 0.07 USD

Price 1 BFC = 0.10 USD

Bonus Available

MVP/Prototype Available

Platform : Ethereum

Accepting :ETH

Minimum investment :500 BFC

Soft cap 1,500,000 USD

Hard cap 9,600,000 USD

Country Singapore

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
My conclusion: The guys are very cool tried, and they will certainly be successful! You still have time to run their coins, at bonus prices! and enjoy your favorite games! I am very glad that there are such knowledgeable and understanding their business guys! So do not miss the time, and join such a strong team as Betform!
Project Information and author:
Site: https://www.betformcoin.io/
Technical Description: Https://www.betformcoin.io/Betform-White paper 2018_03.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betform.io/
Telegram: Https://t.me/BetformOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Betform2
Bitcointalk Profile Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1957113

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