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Welcome to my amazing blog. Today we will get acquainted with a very amazing startup, I think you will like it.

When every major social platform abuses user data for evil purposes, the relevance of a platform that does not store user data increases day by day.

At the same time, we want to reach the mass of crypto, because we feel that this is the payment system of the future. So instead of exploiting users who contribute to our social platform, we reward them with crypto.

According to the online statistics center,
it is projected that the total number of users of social networks by 2019 will be about 2.77 billion.

Because of the popularity of social networks, they are very attractive to advertisers. This is due to the huge amount of user data available that allows their ad targeting to be so effective.
As a result, users are constantly bombarded with advertising, both on and off social platforms. They are subject to behavioral and demographic advertising and remarketing campaigns that haunt them over the Internet.
One of the reasons why user data is so easily accessible is because developers
there are many opportunities in integrating social platforms of their apps in the past. This allowed them almost carte Blanche access not only to user information but also to user contact data, with far-reaching consequences.
For users who want to get rid of the steady targeting of ads, the solution is to move the social networking platform that prohibits ads.
However, the cost of running a social network is not negligible.
This means that some other monetization model besides advertising is needed. While the subscription model is one of the obvious ways to monetize a social platform without ads (for example,, this model prohibits access to those who do not have financial resources.
Now there is an alternative for social users who crave privacy and confidence their data will not be sold to the highest price

Toqqn, social platform without advertising, running on the blockchain
The Toqqn social platform provides users with a free social community without which they want to give up their security and privacy.
Blockchain integration means that no user information will be stored on our or any other server.

The ICO program and a token economy

So, guys! What about token? It is marked TQN and developed on the basis of the Protocol ERC-20, which indicates the safety and reliability.

Total offer: 1 000 000 000 TQN

What does the distribution look like during the program?

10% to acquire funding - unsold toqqns to be added to platform reserve.
50% to distribute to the users of toqqn platform.
20% reserved for the team
10% for Marketing, Bounties & Advisors
10% platform’s future development reserve.

Initially, the cost of one token will be at a price of $ 0.001, but in the future the cost of one token will vary from 0.002 to 0.005 dollars.

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