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The technological novelty of the Internet and the computer has largely led to the progression of the world in all aspects, and many people have been able to embrace this technology. This was largely helped by the introduction of smartphones and computers. Today, there are many computers that help users store data, have fun and provide better communication. However, there have been security issues and vulnerabilities that affect the reliability of online platforms. People are afraid to make transactions using online platforms as they believe they will lose money or their data.
The company Koala's Life has introduced a new platform, which aims to restore confidence, which has long disappeared. Koala's Life aims to use proven and reliable technology (blockchain technology) to ensure the safety, transparency and security of transactions on the Internet. Let me tell you how Koala's Life will provide a transparent, secure and cost-effective platform that will improve user experience.


Koala Life is a decentralized ether - based application that helps in completing the credit link between people - people, people - institutions and people-goods. It is designed to meet the challenges of data collection and dissemination and the challenges of obtaining credit from users of traditional network service platforms. Koala's Life is the passport and the main connector of the future life, defining decentralized service to restore the life of the loan.


With the increasing use and availability of the Internet, there are many concerns about the need to provide better security for users. This is because companies, businesses, government agencies and educational institutions collect personal information from their customers and store it in their databases that are vulnerable to manipulation and attacks by third parties.Through this understanding, Koala's Life has developed and implemented security tools on its platform to ensure better security for its users. The platform uses distributed Ledger technology and blockchain technology to ensure privacy, data and information integrity, security, and privacy.
Users will be able to use their information and identity on the blockchain platform when transacting or updating their profiles, and these security measures will help eliminate third-party users who use fake IDs. Users will be able to view their transactions whenever they want, and this ensures transparency that is lacking on many platforms. The Koala platform, which is automated by blockchain technology, will allow non-banking communities to have access to financial services that they have long been lacking. Users will be able to access peer-to-peer financial services and microcredit to help them improve their lives.


Koala's Life ecosystem consists of the following elements: data acquisition, lending, financial system, game puzzles and quizzes, and Koala wallet. The developers envisioned growth in the future and therefore kept the open source code for the integration of new products and services. Let's take a closer look at these elements.
Data acquisition
Koala's Life will encourage users to rewards based on proof of value (POV). POV is the way Koala's Life, to encourage users to spend more valuable behavior and a more complete solution for the authentication of personal information and data with the help of data mining that helps to better design the portraits and to create an ecosystem of trust.
Koala's Life platform will boost lending as it is based on blockchain, mixed consistency and self-governance, combined with Koala's Life's trust ecosystem, it does not change the true uniqueness of the user.
Financial system
Koala's Life provides a framework for integrating information between borrowers and lenders. With the Koala's Life platform, users will be able to use the information to set their own interest rates and borrowing amounts on the platform. The platform section will allow stakeholders to offer services within 24 hours. The platform will link both sides and the transactions will be with secure information for both users.
Game puzzles and quizzes
Gaming applications are gaining popularity among online users in recent years. For the game environment requires reliable information of a high level. Koala's Life has greatly improved the ecosystem of trust. Koala's Life will run a series of games for the blockchain, such as hot games, competitive quiz and a quiz, using the mechanism of the prophecy, in order to ensure equitable protection for all types of quizzes.
Koala Wallet
Koala's Life wallet provides users with high-quality products and services, as well as a mobile version. Users can store multiple assets as well as perform multiple functions. With the Koala wallet, you can send and receive tokens, manage transactions, and transfer money at record speed.


Symbol - KALC
Token type-ERC-20
Total emissions - 1 000 000 000 KALC
Token price - 1 KALC = $0.04
The beginning of the ICO 3 Sep 2018


Website: http://kalc.io/
Whitepaper: https://u.to/x73PEw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KALCofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/kalcofficialgroup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalcofficial
Author BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1731968

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