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Peaceful greetings to the universe, this time I will discuss ICO or project BRONIX, thank you for taking the time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).

Bronix is ​​a next-generation intercompany trading platform that provides independent, efficient, transparent and stable investment and payment solutions. It combines blockchain technology with advanced software such as smart conventions, interplanetary file systems and BigChain DB to provide financial stability in today's volatile markets.

Integration technology provides faster processing and scalability on the platform. Later, faster transactions can create better liquidity and cash flow within organizations and companies.

BRONIX is committed to providing fully independent, independent, stable, efficient, fair and transparent investment solutions. Bronix uses blockchain architecture and peer-to-peer-based technology to provide better financial security and revenue stability in today's turbulent market environment.

Bronix offers self-managed non-government options and independent cryptocurrencies for investment platforms that provide maximum digital data privacy, security, transparency and a user-friendly recommendation interface. Currency can be translated in real time whenever and wherever the world. Bronix has a clear vision and a clear strategy to achieve the same goals.

Bronix provides financial freedom and stability in today's turbulent economy and helps to be invincible in the current situation. With the support of distributed accounting technology and the world's best technical team, Bronix was founded to create standards in the cryptocurrency market.

How does the Bronx cryptocurrency investment commodity exchange work?

Usually no middleman is the root cause of major problems - large commissions, government issues, fraud plans.

Inflation protection has also been established to prevent market volatility. This will help maintain the desired income stability. Your website contains a wealth of information about articles and blogs, including "information" about events in the field of cryptography. Knowledge Power - Absolutely accurate information.

The full version of information about issuing and purchasing tokens on the Bronix website. In addition, three key team members provide organic and other contact information.

Advantages of the Bronix platform

Efficient translation: The underlying platform platform allows senders and receivers around the world to trade directly without the need for a third party. Deleting tools in this way simplifies the transaction process while reducing the transaction cost of the user.

Security: The platform uses excellent algorithms, blockchain technology and multi-level security systems. Servers are distributed around the world and are protected by CloudFlare service providers who are known for their reliable and secure services. This makes the system flexible and insensitive to hacker hacking.

Experienced team and manager: Bronix is ​​based on long-term industry experience and consists of active managers, managers and technicians who enable them to manage their funds and investments appropriately. The team also ensures that the quality of service provided to its users is high.

Privacy: Using smart contract technology, users on the platform can perform anonymous operations using nicknames or transaction IDs. This ensures that all operations are platform safe.

Fraud protection: The decentralized structure of the platform will open and monitor all operations to the public. This means the system can recognize illegal operations. As a result, platform users can be protected from fraudulent transactions. Another advantage is Bronix Online Custormer Support.

The public ICO Main Event will begin on July 26, 2018, and begin on the last 31 days until August 27, 2018. All Bronix tokens purchased during the event will be credited to the member wallet upon completion of the ICO event. All unsold tokens will be returned to the Bronix team.

Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2018 00:00:00 GMT
End date: Sun, August 26, 2018 23:59:59 GMT

Key ICO activities provide 250 million Bronx tokens. Additional bonus tokens will also be awarded millions of future sales. The minimum number of tokens to purchase is.

For more information visit the BRONIX link:

Website: https:
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Telegraph: https: //


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