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All greetings, everyone remembers the incredible HYIP around a simple simple game CryptoKitties? So today I will talk about one similar game, but with a much more interesting and elaborate game mechanics. To your attention the review of the game built on the blockbuster ETHEREUM - MonsterBit!

Very steep in its scale, HYIP around the CryptoKitties toy, which managed to put an etherium network (more than 15% of all network capacities, processed transactions associated with crypto-kittens) spawned a lot of clones of this game. What we did not see: crypto-dogs, crypto-faces, crypto-dragons and many more crypto-crypto =) It is clear why "to invent a bicycle" when there is already a successful case !? The problem with all these clones is that they simply took and copied all the mechanics of the game to the net, changing only the design part of the game. Such "cosmetic" changes are not enough to attract the public and repeat the HYIP of crypto-kittens, even by half.

Team project MonsterBit, decided to go the other way and made interesting additions to the game. The main meaning of the game will remain unchanged, our goal is to grow and cross the monsters in order to get a rare specimen, then sell it in the store. Well, now about the additions.

In MonsterBit, in order to pair to cross your monsters, they must first grow, that is, the monster age system will work, the new monster after the crossing appears small and then gradually grows with time and gets the opportunity to cross. To accelerate the growth of a monster can be with the help of FOOD.

FOOD - with the help of it you can feed monsters, as well as speed up the growth process of a small monster. Thus, the project will have elements from the old tamagotchi game. The monster will sometimes want to eat. The mail will be notified that the monster is hungry, if you feed it in time, we get some free food. Food for your pet will have a price that depends on the value and uniqueness of your monster.

As an additional monetization project, the game will be available advertising monsters. Such monsters will appear in players randomly when crossing. A person orders an advertisement, a player with an advertising monster takes an order and puts an advertisement on such a monster. Further, this monster is shown by other players on different pages of the MonsterBit site. The profit from such advertising will be divided as follows: 30% to developers and 70% to the owner of the advertising monster.

In MonsterBit will operate its online store, in which anyone can order a copy of the monster you like, you will make a beautiful soft toy from it. The owner of the virtual pet, from which the soft toy was ordered, will receive 15% of the cost of the toy. Pay the toy can be in dollars or ETHEREUM.

After a full-fledged launch of the fully operational version of the game, the game will introduce "battles of monsters", it's great to diversify the gameplay. Players will be able to bet everything they can buy in the game, including the monsters themselves, then they converge in a battle where the monsters come together in a hot shootout from the blasters, the winner takes everything! Blasters can also be bought, someone with a steeper blaster - the more likely to win!

Game transactions and all commissions will pass through so-called "system monsters", it's something like nodes to maintain the network's performance. System monsters do not grow and multiply, they can be purchased for MB tokens. Holders of MB tokens at their discretion will be able to purchase such monsters (1 MB = 1 monster) and receive a regular income from commissions and sales within the system. In the future, system monsters can be sold and bought on the domestic stock exchange.

What will the game developers earn?! Well, firstly, these are collections within the game, all transactions are subject to a commission of 3.5%, not so much for the individual player, but quite noticeably in general. The sale of the zero-generation monsters themselves, which will be generated by holders of system monsters, remind the holder of a system monster also earns profit from sales. Selling FOOD, with which you can speed up the process of growing up and start multiplying monsters. Sale of BLUSTERS and PATRONS to them, for duels among monsters. Sale of advertising on special advertising monsters, 30% of profits from sales goes to developers, the rest to the owner of this monster. Well, let's not forget about selling soft toys that want to buy a cool souvenir from the popular block-game, I think it will be enough.

Details of ICO. The total issue of tokens is 7 500 000 MB. 1 250 000 tokens will remain with the team. 250 000 MB Allocated to the Bounty campaign, to promote the project to the masses. 6 million MB will be sold in three ICO periods, an idea, a prototype, a development.

The road map of the MonsterBit project:

PRESALE ROUND 1 (COMPLETED) - Sold 1 000 000 MB at the price of 1 MB = 0.0002-0.0004 ETH.
04/25/2018 - Prototype of the game MonsterBit.io, you can buy 100 Monsters Gen0. Smart purchase contracts are ready.
and sales. Updating the site and WhitePaper. Architecture of the game.
04/25/2018 - 05/25/2018 PRESALE ROUND 2 (IN THE PROCESS) - the goal is to sell 2 000 000 MB at a price of 1 MB = 0.5 $
05/25/2018 - Ready to eat food and the ability to feed monsters. Reduces the recovery time.
25.052018 - 25.06.2018 CROWDSALE - the goal to sell 3 000 000 MB at the price of 1 MB = 1-2 $
07/01/2018 - Added the ability to multiply monsters. Added advertising monsters. There is an online toy store. The official release of the game.
08/01/2018 - A game design for dueling monsters has been developed. Added a store of blasters, ammunition and armor.
09/01/2018 - Fighting monsters, full-fledged launch.
10/01/2018 - Ready mobile applications for iOS and Android.
An important remark from the developers, the timelines for the road map are indicative and there may be slight discrepancies by dates. Developers of the game in turn promise to quickly launch the project, with the arrival of new investors, they plan to expand the team of programmers.

The team working on the MonsterBit project:

The team has all the necessary specialists for the successful implementation of the project. Programmers, marketers, designers and engineers. Read more about each member of the team, you can on the official website, all the necessary links will be at the end of the article.

I would like to draw a small conclusion on the draft. The success of the project will depend entirely on the amount of funds collected, if the children can competently make an advertising campaign, then problems with investors should arise. The very idea of ​​the project is not new, but adding new elements of the game will noticeably improve the game part and make the game more interesting in comparison with its predecessors. It should also be noted that the developers promised to add a token to external exchanges (which are not yet known). I believe that investors should pay attention to this ICO, since if it succeeds in repeating the success of crypto-kittens at least half, it will significantly raise the price of the MB token.

Official website: https://monsterbit.org/
The game MonsterBit: http://monsterbit.io/
WhitePaper: https://monsterbit.org/landing_files/wp/WhitePaper_EN.pdf
Thread on the forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2911909.msg29951918
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonsterBit_org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterBitOfficial/
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/monsterbit_org
Telegram: https://t.me/monsterbit_org

The author of the article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=856239

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