flyCARE - Healthcare Platform (ICO overview)

All of us unfortunately are ill, therefore this topic is dedicated to today's ICO. The theme of public health is, perhaps, the most burning issue, the whole history of mankind. Medicine does not stand still, new medicines are being invented, methods of treatment are being improved, and also the organization of the medical process does not remain without attention. But still the problem of "remote" treatment is still relevant, because there is not always an opportunity to visit a doctor.
For this problem, FlyCARE took the company, which will provide its application for mobile devices on the Blochein, which was created to simplify the "remote" health care of the patient. FlyCARE is designed to unite patients, clinics, hospitals, as well as industrial production from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry into a single network.

The company FlyCARE produces the same application for mobile devices. Thanks to this application, each patient will be "in touch" with the selected physician in real time. This is relevant for patients on home treatment. Moreover, FlyCARE applications can be connected to medical equipment to receive and manage data. The company signed a contract for the joint development of medical equipment together with industrial giants in order to improve communication between treating physicians and their patients. This is a revolutionary combination of honey. equipment (flyBOX) and mobile devices, allowing to carry out quality care at home.

The FlyBOX application was developed with the assistance of medical professionals, with different directions.
Two years of research and development allowed FlyCARE to create the perfect flyBOX module for home surveillance, easy to use and easily portable. Cooperation with NWT Germany enabled FlyCARE to gain experience working with a company that has been working for more than 20 years in the cosmetic and medical industries.

FlyBOX not only has permission to use medical equipment, but it also has a database of necessary medications, of which the attending physician can recommend to his patient for admission.
FlyCARE, by establishing partnerships with industrial companies, will provide permanent basic and additional training through practical exercises that will be organized by its partners. The partnership between FlyCARE specialists and manufacturers promotes the development of scientific research and development of new drugs.

Obtaining a health worker's profession is often costly, requiring a substantial financial base to acquire the necessary material for doing business, without guaranteeing immediate financial returns. The question of real estate is also an important point in this direction. To conduct business, you will need to pay rent. FlyCARE simplifies the way to obtain medical education for its partners, and also provides access to the purchase of FlyBOX equipment.

The FlyCARE team released their own FCC token for domestic money circulation. What will it give? Since the token is built on the ERC20 protocol, the "Smart contracts" function will be available. The integrity of transactions is provided by registering them on an unauthorized access registry, shared by all users with their constant traceability.

Now the company FlyCARE is going through this ICO to raise funds for the implementation of its project. Now at the stage of pre-sale of FCC tokens you can buy at a price of $ 0.2 per coin. The pre-sale will end on June 11th.
We sum up. I believe that the FlyCARE team undertook a solution to a significant problem. After all, the health field is one of the most important. Realization of the idea will give, first of all, the possibility of home care for patients who are bedridden or who do not have the opportunity to go out. It will also make life easier for people, busy workloads and do not have time to monitor their health.

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